Fountain Pens

In the golden age of fine writing, fountain pens replaced the steel dip nib and feather quill as the writing instrument of choice. Fast forward 100 years, the fountain pen is still desired for its superior writing performance, uniqueness, and status.

Explore our selection of fountain pens, ink pens, and stationary with the option to filter by fountain pen nib sizes, shapes, and even reservoir filling mechanisms.
With many options of shapes, sizes, filling mechanisms, and nib sizes, it might be overwhelming to the novice writer. If you need help making your selection, lean on the experience of the Goldspot Pens team. Our friendly and courteous staff of pen experts is waiting for your message or call.
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Benu Talisman Fountain Pen in Sakura Cherry Blossoms
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Opus 88 Mini Fountain Pen in Blizzard

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TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen in Smoke Rose Gold
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Fountain Pens Compare With Other Writing Instruments?

Fountain pens are distinguished writing instruments known for their unique pen nibs, smooth writing experience, and design, contrasting significantly with ballpoints and rollerballs.

What's The Difference Between Fountain Pens, Ballpoint Pens, and Rollerball Pens?

Fountain pens utilize water-based ink delivered through a nib, offering a smoother, more fluid writing experience. In contrast, ballpoint pens use oil-based ink, providing a different, less soft feel, and rollerball pens use water-based or gel ink, combining the benefits of the other two.

The Writing Experience with Fountain Pens

Fountain pens offer an unparalleled writing experience, allowing for variations in line width, a diverse range of ink colors, and a more comfortable and personalized writing style, enhancing the overall joy of writing.

What Is The Best Beginner Fountain Pen?

Identifying the best beginner pen is crucial for those new to the world of fountain pens. We recommend starter pens like the Lamy Safari and the Pilot Metropolitan due to their affordability, reliability, and ease of use.

Starter Fountain Pens

Starter fountain pens are designed to be user-friendly, offering a hassle-free introduction to fountain pens.
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
Lamy Safari fountain pens are known for their ergonomic design and reliability; the Lamy Safari is a fantastic choice for newcomers.
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen
The Pilot Metropolitan combines affordability with a sleek design, making it another excellent option for beginners.

What Are The Different Types of Fountain Pens?

Fountain pens come in diverse types, each featuring different filling systems, designs, and functionalities, offering a unique writing experience.

Fountain Pens

Fountain Pen Filling Systems
Each type of fountain pen employs a distinct filling mechanism, allowing users to choose based on their preferences.
Fountain Pen Nibs
There are a variety of pens that use unique fountain pen nibs to allow for line variations and ink flow in different ways.

Demonstrator Fountain Pens

These pens have transparent bodies, allowing users to see the ink inside.

Soft and Flex Nib Fountain Pens

Soft and flexible nibs enable variations in line width, providing more expressive writing.

Italic and Stub Nib Fountain Pens

These nibs have unique shapes that allow for diverse writing styles.

Vacuum Fill Fountain Pens

Vacuum fill fountain pens have a large ink capsule that sucks up the ink with its filling mechanism.

Eye Dropper Fountain Pens

These pens hold ink directly in the barrel, offering a substantial ink capacity.

Piston Fill Fountain Pens

Piston fillers use a built-in piston mechanism for ink filling, making them convenient and user-friendly.

How To Write With Fountain Pens

Writing with a fountain pen involves holding the pen at the correct angle and applying the right amount of pressure, ensuring a smooth ink flow and preventing any damage to the nib. Understanding the dynamics of the nib and the ink flow is crucial for mastering the art of writing with fountain pens. Learn more at our guide on how to write with a fountain pen!

How To Choose a Fountain Pen Nib (Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium)

This is a critical topic in fountain pens, and we can't do it justice with just a few paragraphs. Learn about finding your perfect fountain pen nib at our guide here!

How Do Pen Nibs Work?

The nib is the metal tip of the fountain pen that comes into contact with the writing surface. It comes in different sizes and shapes, affecting the width and style of your writing. The ink flows from the reservoir through the nib, allowing for a smooth and consistent writing experience.

How Do Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Work?

Ink cartridges are small, disposable containers filled with ink designed to be inserted into the barrel of cartridge-compatible fountain pens. They offer a convenient and mess-free way to refill the ink, making them a popular choice among many fountain pen users.

What Are The Best Pen Brands?

Determining the best pen brand is subjective, and while we do not endorse any single brand, customer favorites include Sailor Pens, Waterman Pens, Lamy, and Kaweco.

Sailor Pens

Sailor is renowned for its precision and craftsmanship, offering functional and aesthetically pleasing pens.

Waterman Pens

Waterman pens are known for their elegant designs and reliable performance, making them popular among enthusiasts.


Lamy offers a range of innovative designs, combining functionality with style.


Kaweco is celebrated for its compact designs and high-quality writing instruments, suitable for everyday use.

What's A Good Budget Fountain Pen For Starters (Best Prices)?

For those on a budget, we recommend the Lamy Safari and the Pilot Metropolitan, as they offer a reliable and smooth writing experience at an affordable price.

Lamy Safari

The Lamy Safari is known for its durable design and is a favorite among beginners due to its affordable price point and reliable performance.

Pilot Metropolitan

The Pilot Metropolitan is celebrated for its sleek design and smooth writing experience, offering great value for its price. We hope this FAQ provided insight and guidance on fountain pens. We wish you the best in your shopping experience and hope we have provided you with the information to make informed decisions about purchasing your first fountain pens! Enjoy the fun and thrilling world of fountain pens.