All Benu

Benu pens are handmade from an extensive palette of exclusive, opulent resins. Popular BENU fountain pens include the BENU Talisman fountain pen and the BENU Tattoo fountain pen. Benu fountain pens have a unique, undeniable personality that calls attention to itself with flashy style.  


Benu Briolette

Named after the faceted gemstone, the Benu Briolette fountain pen has a one of a kind glittering opulence that calls attention to itself.

Benu Chameleon

The Benu Chameleon is a color-shifting fountain pen. The exclusive resins crafted by artisans at Benu have a reflective sheen that changes color when rotated in the light. 

Benu Euphoria

The Euphoria collection features euphoric sparkle glitter pens with three models that have a hypnotizing glow-in the dark feature.

Benu Scepter

Crafted from brilliant, handmade exclusive resin, the Benu Scepter shows the opulent beauty of the barrel and cap with a spiral, faceted design.

Benu Talisman

These beautiful fountain pens are Inspired by great legends and the mystical beliefs that surround talismans, amulets, and other magical items used to bring luck, protection, money, love or special abilities.  Benu Talism fountain pens are known for their high quality, smooth writing and beautiful fountain pen design.