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Benu pens are handmade from an extensive palette of exclusive, opulent resins. Popular BENU fountain pens include the BENU Talisman fountain penbenu euphoria and the BENU Tattoo fountain pen. Benu fountain pens have a unique, undeniable personality that calls attention to itself with flashy style.  

Benu AstroGem

Inspired by the shape of the interstellar asteroid, Oumuamua, and the numerous social media comments suggesting that the asteroid has a “BENU-like vibe”. Featuring 7 unique designs, each named after a famous asteroid with edgy shapes and uneven facets, these pens are their interpretation of asteroids-proving that even interstellar objects can be flamboyant and colorful if designed by BENU! 

Benu Briolette

Named after the faceted gemstone, the Benu Briolette, a remarkable example of a benu fountain pen, has a one of a kind glittering opulence that calls attention to itself, much like the allure of the benu euphoria fountain pens.

Benu Euphoria

The Euphoria collection, a standout series among benu pens, features euphoric sparkle glitter pens with three models that have a hypnotizing glow-in-the-dark feature.

Benu Scepter

Crafted from brilliant, handmade exclusive resin, the Benu Scepter, a prime example of handmade benu pens, shows the opulent beauty of the barrel and cap with a spiral, faceted design.

Benu Skull and Roses

Good versus evil. Life versus death.

Benu Talisman

These beautiful fountain pens are Inspired by great legends and the mystical beliefs that surround talismans, amulets, and other magical items used to bring luck, protection, money, love or special abilities.  Benu Talism fountain pens are known for their high quality, smooth writing and beautiful fountain pen design.

Benu Viper

You can't help but be enchanted by the sinuous quality of the new Benu Viper pen design. Each pen showcases a meticulously hand-painted snake coiling around it, reflecting the vibrant hues of the real snakes they are named after.

Benu Replacement Nibs, Refills, and Accessories

100% genuine Benu replacement fountain pen nibs, refills, and accessories for all your Benu writing instruments.