SCRIBO is short for Scrittura Bolognese. Born from the ashes of the retired OMAS brand, SCRIBO carries on the heritage of traditional manufacturing with a focus on producing pens of the highest quality and writing ability. SCIRBO focuses on delivering the highest luxury writing experience and is famous for its premium gold nibs and ebonite feeds in it's Scribo Fountain Pen

All SCRIBO Fountain Pens

SCRIBO Pens is an Italian fountain pen brand that uses the highest quality materials. SCRIBO fountain pens create a great experience during the writing process.  The SCRIBO brand is famous for its SCRIBO feel fountain pens and even its SCRIBO inks.


The SCRIBO Feel pen was created to make you 'feel'. The barrel of the pen is in the shape of a doric column, which is always finished with a high-quality nib. Available in fountain pen.


Manifest thoughts and craft ideas with the lightness of a feather. The Piuma has a gently rounded, streamlined design fitted with an exquisite gold nib and ebonite feed. Made in Italy. Cartridge/converter fill.