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Delta Srl, an Italian company in innovative writing instruments, was founded in 1982. From the beginning, Delta has met the highest production standards: its skilled craftsmen carefully monitor all stages of production, with a skill that imposes Delta products to the attention of a tough and competitive world market.

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Delta Duna

The Delta Duna piston-filling fountain pen captures the allure of Italian fountain pens with its swirling, semi-translucent marbled acrylic, internal-filling piston mechanism, and graceful silhouette.

Delta DV Original

In 1998, Delta introduced the bold "Dolcevita" pen collection (Italian for the "Sweet life"). In 2023, Delta made a spirited comeback under the leadership of co-founder Nino Marino. The new Delta DV Original embodies the elegance and luxury of Italian-made fine writing.

Delta Write Balance

Find a writing instrument that's the perfect fit - aesthetics, and comfort for your hand. The Delta Write Balance has a pleasing, tapered shape with a removable weight in the back of the barrel that allows you to fine-tune the balance of your pen.