Fairy Tale Inks

Ferris Wheel Press Bottled Inks

Ferris Wheel Press ink is a newcomer on the fountain pen scene, but they have proven themselves with their extraordinary bottled fountain pen inks.  Ferris wheel inks are magical, often inspired by fairy tales and folk stories.

Browse their many writing inks for sale, from calligraphy inks to premium bottled fountain pen inks.  With their many pen ink collaborations, it's hard not to find a bottle of ink you love.

Ferris Wheel Press 20ml Bottled Inks

Write your tales of magic, mystery, and intrigue with the whimsical and enchanted themes of Ferris Wheel Press' fountain pen inks. Anything but ordinary, these inks have a mystical air about them thanks to their inspired design.

Ferris Wheel Press 38ml Bottled Inks

Embark on a tranquil journey of love's transformation with Ferris Wheel Press fountain pen inks. Each vibrant hue sparks creativity and joy, promising a delightful writing experience. Explore a spectrum of unique tones for an inspiring and blissful expression of affection.

Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Set

Inspiration can spark at any moment, in any place. Having your favorite fountain pen inks readily available is crucial for capturing inspiration wherever you may be. Our beautifully designed vials, each containing 5ml of ink, are perfect for carrying your preferred colors wherever you go.