All Retro 1951

Retro 1951 is on a mission to bring fashion, fun and value to the world of writing instruments and business accessories.

Retro 51 Classic Lacquer

Retro 51 Classic Laquer pens are available in a variety of colors and have a classic, timeless look. Available in rollerball pen and mechanical pencil.

Retro 51 Fountain Pen

Fountain pens made by Retro 51- continuing their tradition of bringing fashion, fun, and value to the world of writing instruments.

Retro 51 Goldspot Exclusives

Exclusive pen design collaborations between Goldspot Pens and Retro 1951.

Retro 51 Hex-o-matic

The Retro 51 Hex-o-matic has a strong, sturdy metal body and is perfect to help you complete any task. Available in ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil.

Retro 51 Tornado

Whimsical designs and colors make this classic rollerball pen a delight to write with. Stainless steel body, knurl twist top with a german refill brings exceptional quality.

Retro 51 Tornado Big Shot

Larger than the Retro 51 Tornado model, the Big Shot has got it where it counts - the thickness and weight of the pen are significantly more than the standard Tornado. 

Retro 51 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith

The Retro 51 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith rollerball pen collection has a variety of barrels. Whether you like solid or patterned designs, this collection is sure to have a pen for you.

Retro 51 Metropolitan Museum of Art

In collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Retro 1951 introduces several officially-licensed designs with artwork that resides at the world-famous museum in New York City.

Retro 51 Pan Am

Pan Am officially licensed pens and writing accessories made by Retro 51. Step back into the golden age of travel with the Officially Licensed Pan American World Airways® writing instruments from Retro51.

Retro 51 Poppers

Retro 51 Popper pens are limited editions, each with unique inspiration and design. They are individually numbered and highly desirable by collectors.

Retro 51 Rescue

Retro 51 Rescue collection pens support animal rescues. The sale of any Tornado "Rescue" pen contributes to a nonprofit group. Available in a ballpoint pen. 

Retro 51 Rocketeer

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Dave Stevens' "The Rocketeer," Retro 51 introduces a collection of officially-licensed pens that celebrate the iconic comic book character.

Retro 51 Royale

The Retro 51 Royale collection celebrates the royale cards in the deck. The perfect gift for card game lovers. Available in rollerball pen mode.

Retro 51 Smithsonian

Retro 51 Smithsonian pens have designs with inspiration from the Smithsonian and its many museums, galleries, and collections.

Retro 51 Tornado Speakeasy

The "Speakeasy" collection consists of the "Cheers" Beer, the Red Wine, and the Absinthe. The Beer design has a bottle cap sculpted at the top of the knurled turning knob. The Red Wine has cork on the top disc. The Absinthe pen has an illustration of the "green fairy" on the barrel.

Retro 51 Traveler

Take your writing on the go with the Retro 51 x Pularys Modern Traveler. The pocket-sized Retro 51 Elite ballpoint pen nestles snugly in the nook of the genuine leather wallet. Protect your cards in the aluminum, RFID-blocking case

Retro 51 United States Postal Service

This collection of pens uses stamp artwork that is officially licensed by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Retro 51 Refills and Accessories

Shop 100% authentic, compatible Retro 1951 refills for your writing instruments.

Retro 51 Mechanical Pencil

For the thinkers and doers who need a tool that connects with interests that excite them. Retro 1951 offers a retractable slide mechanical pencil mechanism that uses a sturdy lead.