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Many say that handwriting is a "dying" or "lost" art. Ironically, the same technology that was supposed to kill analog writing helps keep it alive for a new generation. Finding information about fountain pens and connecting with the worldwide pen community is easier than ever thanks to the internet and mobile technology. In Fountain Pen University, you'll obtain the knowledge to master fine writing and apply it to your daily life.

Starting with the basics - learn the parts of a fountain pen by studying the fountain pen anatomy diagrams.

Want to know how to fill your fountain pen? How to maintain your pen? How to swap nibs? Which nib size to choose? How to keep a journal? Watch our step-by-step, quick tip video library to become an expert in no time.

After watching some videos that are pertinent to your interests, you may have a follow-up question (or two). We created a FAQ page to address common inquiries about pens. If your question isn't answered there, contact our expert team of pen professionals for a thoughtful and timely response.

Fountain pens are available in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Much like clothing, they are tools that are built to fit the user. Each person has different tastes and requirements for a great writing pen. Find fair and honest pen reviews from writers like you to help guide you in your search for the perfect pen.