"A Style to Remember, A Style for Creativity." The Penlux brand of writing instruments produces high-quality fountain pens from Taiwan.

All Penlux Pens

Shop all Penlux writing instruments. Imported from Taiwan, Penlux fountain pens use a high-capacity, internal piston-filling mechanism and write with a reliable, German-made Jowo nib.

Penlux Masterpiece Delgado

The Penlux Masterpiece Delgado offers the same reliable construction and design as the Grande in a lighter-weight, smaller size. This size is ideal for daily writing–especially for those with smaller features or who find smaller grips more comfortable. 

Penlux Masterpiece Grande

The Grande does not compromise on size or quality. The generous, cigar-shaped barrel is manufactured from high-grade methacrylate in a variety of eye-catching finishes. Fitted with a Jowo #6 size nib.