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The Conklin Pen Company was established in 1898 and is regarded as one of the most significant and innovative manufacturers from the golden era of fountain pens.  Conklin pens and Conklin fountain pens are highly regarded by pen experts around the world.  Popular Conklin pens include the Conklin All AmericanConklin Endura Pens and the Conklin Duragraph.

Conklin 1898 Collection

Exciting, bold colors mix with the traditional elegance of a Conklin writing instrument. The "1898 Collection" honors the founding of this legendary brand of writing instruments that once had Mark Twain as its spokesperson.

Conklin All American

Available in a variety of finishes, the Conklin Fountain Pens All American series were made to bring comfort and durability to the writing experience. Available in fountain and ballpoint pen modes.

Conklin Duragraph

The name Duragraph comes from a combination of the words durable and graph. Conklin create a truly modern style prepared to last a lifetime. We have Conklin Duragraph fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens in stock and for sale, including the esteemed conklin endura fountain pens.

Conklin Endura

Based on the original models, the new Endura, much like the Conklin Duragraph fountain pens and the Conklin Rollerball Pens has all the aesthetic design features which made these pens such timeless classics.

Conklin Herringbone

The Conklin Herringbone fountain pen is a vintage pen with a modern style, a characteristic shared with the Conklin Duragraph pens and the  Conklin Ballpoint Pens. Available in ballpoint, fountain, and rollerball pen modes, it mirrors the Duragraph's blend of classic and contemporary design.

Conklin Israel 75 Diamond Jubilee

75 years ago on the 14th of May 1948, Israel declared independence.

Conklin Lex and Hippocrates

To honor the medical and legal professions, Conklin crafted a pen with a sense of timeless grace and luxury. The pen's clip and center band display icons appropriate to doctors (Hippocrates) and lawyers (Lex). 

Conklin Mark Twain Crescent

The Grandfather of American Literature, Mark Twain, was once the spokesman for the Conklin Pen Company. The modern Crescent Filler fountain pen pays homage to the writer by keeping the design features that made this pen useful.

Conklin Stylograph

The Stylograph™ collection is designed and based upon the original and timeless Conklin models from the 1930s, including the conklin endura ballpoint pens, and brought into the new era with bright colors and unique finishes. The Stylograph Mosaic combines a historic heritage of extraordinary art form with an outstanding writing performance passed through generations of Conklin writing instruments.

Conklin Symetrik

The modern Conklin Pen Co. reprises a classic 1930's design in the "Symetrik" pen collection. To update it for a modern audience, Conklin applied a semi-translucent, swirl resin in three inviting colors. Writers can find a mode and nib size that best fits their preferences with options in fountain pen, rollerball, and twist-action ballpoint pen.

Conklin Replacement Fountain Pen Nibs

Explore our collection of Conklin nibs for fountain pens including flexible nibs, stainless steel options, and more.  Your Conklin fountain pen replacement nib is here.  Available in a variety of metals, colors, and sizes to fit your nib needs.