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In 1919 founder, Shunichi Nakata started the business establishing "Nakaya Seisakusho" in Ueno, Tokyo. Now, Platinum pens are popular with men and women of all ages.  Popular Platinum fountain pens include the Platinum 3776 Century and the Platinum Procyon.

Platinum 3776 Century

The Platinum, 3776 collection gets its name from the height of Mount Fuji, Japan's highest peak standing at 3,776 meters. The Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen is a sleek, refined fountain pen which we have come to expect from Platinum pens.

Platinum Curidas

The convenience of a click action pen combines with the fluid writing experience of a stainless steel nib fountain pen. The Platinum Curidas fountain pen has a transparent body to view the complex mechanism inside the pen. This fountain pen is retractable allowing the nib to come in or out of the pen.

Platinum Kanazawa-haku

Platinum Kanazawa-haku pens show the highest level of craftsmanship with their designs and unique Kanazawa leaf craftwork. Available in fountain pen.

Platinum Maki-e

The beautiful Platinum Maki-e features traditional Japanese motifs. Maki-e is a Japanese lacquer art that utilizes Urushi lacquer to decorate and finish the pen body. 

Platinum Plaisir

The body of the Platinum Plaisir fountian pen features a scratch-resistant surface and the cap prevents drying of the ink for up to 1 year or longer significantly extending shelf life.

Platinum Prefounte

Introduced in 2019 as a step up from the Preppy, the Prefounte design adds more style, professionalism, and panache to your writing experience.

Platinum Preppy

The entry-level Platinum Preppy is an ideal choice for someone looking for an inexpensive, refillable fountain pen to try.  Platinum Preppy fountain pens offer everything you need to write efficiently at an affordable price!

Platinum Procyon

The Platinum Procyon was named after the brightest star in the Canis Minor constellation. This fountain pen is sure to provide a smooth writing experience.

Platinum Pen refills, ink, and accessories

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