Kilk writing instruments are handmade in a small workshop located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kilk Fountain Pens

Each Kilk pen is crafted with an artful soul that shines with each handmade detail. The Kilk fountain pen is a premium, beautiful writing instrument that is beloved by enthuisiasts of fountain pens and writing and drawing.  Includes 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Made in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kilk Camera Laterna

A tribute to the silver screen. The Kilk Camera Laterna special edition design takes its artistic direction from classic cinema. Kilk's artisans handcraft the exquisite sterling silver details of this fountain pen.

Kilk Celestial

This pen's intricate, geometrical patterns are cast in 925k sterling silver and represent the complexity of heavenly bodies and the astronomic zodiac.

Kilk Epigram

"Truth conquers all." The inspiring Epigram fountain pen has the Latin words "Vincit Omnia Veritas" inscribed on a matte sterling silver band that adorns the swirling, resin barrel.

Kilk Novobaroque

Kilk's workshop revisits the Turkish Baroque and Rococo periods of Ottoman art with the decorated cigar shape of the NovoBaroque fountain pen. The floral ornaments on the silver cap band and cover wedge are inspired by the Dolmabahçe Palace, the pearl of the Bosporus.

Kilk Orient

Inspired by the natural tension of curves in Eastern design philosophy, the Kilk "Orient" fountain pen has a seductive, pleasing shape. Hand-crafted from lustrous, vibrant acrylic, Kilk accents the design with aged matte 925 sterling silver accents.