The 22 Best Fountain Pens of 2023

What are the best pens in the world? Join us on a journey to the world of fine writing to find the best pens for writing, drawing, note-taking and collecting. Not only will we explore the best pen brands, including Lamy, Pilot, Kaweco, Sailor, and Pelikan, we will showcase lesser known pen makers. All types of pens - including ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens - are represented here.

This list is directly influenced by our customer's purchasing decisions, reviews, and comments. This isn't our own personal list of favorite pens. It's a list created by you, dear pen enthusiast. These pens are in no particular order.

Kaweco Sport Collection Iridescent Pearl Fountain Pen

This Collector’s edition pen puts a twist on the classic Kaweco Sport design. The Iridescent Pearl trades Kaweco’s standard solid resin colors for a chic but subtle glimmery rainbow hue. This material is like a chameleon, showing different colors depending on how the light shines on it. The reliable no. 5 stainless steel nib and sturdy design make this gorgeous pen a stalwart choice for your everyday carry. The Kaweco Sport in Iridescent Pearl is perfect for both seasoned fountain pen enthusiasts and curious beginners.

Add more utility to this pocket-friendly fountain pen with a silver Sport clip and a piston converter to fill using bottled ink.

Narwhal Nautilus Fountain Pens

Narwhal / Nahvalur is infamous for making pens with a sense of elegant glamor, and the Nautilus Voyager is certainly no exception. The fancy pen’s unique cylindrical shape with rounded edges at the ends of the barrel is simultaneously simple and eye-catching. Paired with tasteful metallic accents and Narwhal’s trademark “porthole” to the ink reservoir, the Nautilus has a unique style that is elegant and stimulating. This cool pen is available in a variety of colors and designs, but some of our favorites are the "Primary Macchiato," which is a Goldspot-exclusive created in collaboration with Jonathon Brooks. Also, don't miss the "Voyage" special edition pens made from McKenzie Diamondcast resin.

Sailor Professional Gear Knight to E4 Fountain Pen

If you are a fan of classical, nice writing pens that will stand the test of time, then look no further than Sailor’s “Knight to E4.” This pen’s glossy, shimmering charcoal black barrel and opulent gold accents truly make it a class act, and the knight emblem at the top of the cap adds a bit of intrigue and personality to this elegantly simple design. This full-sized pen fits a 21kt gold nib avaialble in 7 nib sizes to best suit your handwriting. This edition is limited to 500 pens worldwide and is a North American exclusive. Sailor’s “Knight to E4” is proof that beauty lies in the finer details, because its craftsmanship and quality are king - or rather, “knight.”

Lamy Safari 2022 Strawberry and Cream

The Lamy Safari is a longtime favorite of enthusiasts and fountain pen beginners alike and for good reason: the Safari is a high-quality, German-made pen that writes smoothly. Its design is stylish but not too overstated, and it’s affordable for those who aren’t looking to break the bank. This year, Lamy launched two special edition colors of the Safari - Strawberry and Cream. Much like their namesakes, these two pens perfectly compliment each other: the vibrant, saturated red of the “Strawberry” pen goes hand in hand with the more subdued, offwhite tone of the “Cream” pen. Each of these unique pens features a matching colored clip to create a monochromatic look adding a subtle modern twist to the classic and beloved Lamy Safari.

Parker Sonnet 70th Anniversary Queen's Jubilee

You don't need to be from London to have an appreciation for the British Royal Family. Crafted in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 70th anniversary on the throne, this special edition Parker Sonnet embodies a regal presence. The Queen's Jubilee Sonnet has a barrel lacquered in sapphire blue with an engraved cap made from palladium-coated 925 sterling silver, trimmed in 23kt gold appointments. The sapphire blue barrel is inspired by the precious stones of St. Edwards' and Imperial State Crowns which, together with the woven engraved cap design, gives a distinctly regal appearance. Pulling off the silver cap reveals the golden grip section and exquisite 18kt gold nib stamped with a commemorative 70th Jubilee design.

Retro 51 Tornado "Tangled Garden" Rollerball Pen

The “Tangled Garden” pen may truly be one of the most fascinating pens of the year. The pen features an indescribably beautiful Zentangle-inspired design with scattered diamonds and teardrops. The intricacies of this design command one’s attention and offer something new from every angle. For those who feel compelled to write late at night, with the lights switched off, this pen glows in the dark. This brilliant artwork was created by Sandy H. and was selected from 80 designs in a social media contest to “Design Your Own Retro 51 Art,” which makes it a true pen of the people. The Retro 51 Tangled Garden is an awesome pen which has become one of our most popular fine writing pens of this year.

Benu Talisman Fountain Pen

The Benu Talisman is proof that there is always a way to add a bit of magic to a classic design. This series is inspired by fantastical myths and legends, and it certainly looks the part. The cap and barrel are molded to a subtle, almost scale-like shape, making the pen itself feel exotic and adventurous. While there is an abundance of colors and designs to choose from, we are fond of the spirited “Four Leaf Clover” and “Dream Bean” styles. “Four Leaf Clover” features a striking jet black barrel which contrasts beautifully with the embedded shimmery green shamrocks scattered throughout the pen. Similarly, “Dream Bean” has a glossy, jet-black base color but is brought to life with glistening earth tones that really do feel like something out of a dreamy, magical world. If you’re looking for a stylish pen that doubles a good luck charm, look no further than the Benu Talisman.

Narwhal Original Peter Draws Fountain Pen

If there was ever a pen to embody internet culture, this is it. The Peter Draws fountain pen was born from a collaboration between Narwhal Pens and YouTube celebrity, artist, illustrator, and published author Peter Draws. Fans of Peter will certainly be familiar with this pen from its numerous features on his Youtube channel and social media platforms, but those who are unfamiliar can still appreciate the captivating design of the pen. The barrel of the Peter Draws pen is cast in clear resin with wisps of calming blue. The effect is a design that looks like coils of smoke frozen in time. The Peter Draws fountain pen draws beautiful lines, as evident by Peter's art videos. What’s more, because of the process involved in making this pen, each features a slightly different arrangement of design, and no two are exactly alike. Each pen also includes a "thank you" card signed by the artist.

Esterbrook Estie Cosmic Wine Fountain Pen

Esterbrook’s Estie in Cosmic Wine is an astoundingly out-of-this-world pen. The elegant, curved cylindrical design of the Estie pairs perfectly with the galactic theme of the Cosmic Wine style. With its glossy burgundy resin base and glittery speckles, this pen perfectly captures a sky full of stars (or effervescent bubbles in a glass of champagne). Combined with warm gold accents on the clip and nib, the Estie in Cosmic Wine is a great pen for anyone who hopes to shoot for the stars. Originally, this design was available in two sizes - regular and oversized. At the time of this writing, only a couple of oversized Estie fountain pens in Cosmic Wine remain.

Edison Newark Conductor Diamondcast Fountain Pen

This 2022 limited edition pen is both beautiful and heavy with significance. The design features turquoise blue and coppery brown swirling patterns with a touch of shimmer and rose gold accents, making for a breathtaking statement piece. The pen itself is themed after the concept of a “Conductor”, which relates to Thomas Edison’s research and work with conductor metals (such as copper) to invent phones, motors, generators, and electromagnets. The pen is made of Diamondcast resin which adds to its intrigue and craftsmanship. This unique pen is an amazing piece of stationery for people looking to make a statement. This fountain pen includes an international converter (can also use cartridge) and sports a #6 stainless steel nib made by Jowo. The pen itself is made in the USA.

Leonardo Officina Italiana Supernova Fountain Pen

Much like its namesake, the limited edition 2022 Leonardo Supernova is a vibrant explosion of color and light, captured into a high-end fountain pen. The Supernova features a glossy resin body with brilliant blended hues of orange, red, purple, and turquoise, and shimmery undertones, to create an otherworldly effect. As a result of the casting process of the resin, the design of each pen is different, which makes each piece completely unique. To add to its uniqueness, the pen is trimmed in four metal options - gold, silver, ruthenium black, and rose gold. Leonardo is renowned for their quality of craftsmanship and the wonderful writing experience of their pens. Unfortunately, the Supernova exploded and faded out quickly; no more Supernova pens remain.

Sailor Professional Gear Gin Cocktail Fountain Pen Set

Sailor’s 2022 limited edition “Gin Cocktail” pens are just as fun and spirited as they sound. The pen is available in 5 color styles: “Argentina,” “Around the World,” “Blue Train,” “Gin Martini,” and “Violet Fizz.” Each style features an opaque, colored resin body with elements of color blocking and metallic accents. Every pen in this series is styled in vibrant hues that evoke feelings of sipping a colorful cocktail on an island beach. These "Cocktails" are smooth going down with a 21kt gold nib available in F, M, or M-F widths. Originally, the Gin Cocktail pens were sold as a 5-pen set with a complimentary leather pen case. Upon popular demand, we separated each pen to sell individually so collectors and pen enthusiasts could get their favorite color(s).

Lamy Al-Star Whitesilver 2022 Special Edition

The Lamy AL-Star is a classic and well-loved fountain pen long sought out by any and all looking for a reliable affordable pen. The 2022 limited edition Whitesilver AL-Star is the perfect way to spice up this fountain pen favorite. The frosty white metallic tone is classically simple, and will certainly never go out of style. The calmness of the Whitesilver AL-Star is a refreshing change of pace from the over-the-top colors that are often seen with new pens these days (see plenty of examples above). Available as a fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint pen mode.

Pelikan Souveran 605 Tortoiseshell Black 2022 Special Edition

Pelikan’s 2022 special edition Souveran 605 in Tortoiseshell Black adds a level of captivating modern artistry to a traditional, tried-and-tested design. The pen features a sleek cylindrical body with striations of pearlescent smoky blue-grey. The striped, cellulose acetate barrel is bookended by deep, black resin and a black cap. The "5" is 605 indicates the pen's silver trim, which is finished in rhodium. This piston-fill fountain pen fits a 14kt gold nib - also finished in rhodium silver. Tortoiseshell is one of Pelikan's most beloved styles and will probably become a sought-after collector's item years after this pen sells out.

Waterman Hemisphere L'Essence du Bleu

The Waterman Hemisphere is a masterclass in pens that embody Parisian elegance. The L’Essence du Bleu edition in particular carries itself with a sense of stylish confidence. The pen features a slim, elongated barrel in a smoky blue lacquer with chrome accents. The pen’s cap is a beautiful metallic chrome with vertical engraved waves along the circumference, adding a subtle artistic element to the pen. The Hemisphere in L’Essence du Bleu is truly the epitome of class captured in a fountain pen.

TWSBI Diamond 580 Iris Fountain Pen

TWSBI’s Diamond 580 in Iris is a modern, demonstrator fountain pen with an ethereal twist. The Diamond 580 features a transparent body which allows its writer to glimpse inside the inner workings of the pen. The piston mechanism and ink reservoir are completely visible from the outside, so the pen can be “customized” in a way based on the ink color used to fill the pen. What really steals the show with this pen is the iridescent rainbow metal accents. These accents make for an ever-changing, magical appearance from the clip to the end cap all the way to the fine tip of the nib. The Diamond 580 Iris is a lovely splash of color and a wonderful addition to any pen collection.

Faber-Castell Grip Glam Collection

Faber-Castell is well renowned for creating quality writing instruments that don’t break the bank. Their Grip Glam collection is certainly no exception. The iridescent, shimmery Grip Glam is available in three colors in fountain pen and ballpoint pen styles. Each pen is a subtle metallic hue, lined with black grip dots, making for a pen that is simultaneously beautiful and functional for writing and drawing. Ergonomic to the core, this pen design is fun and comfortable to use on a daily basis.

Esterbrook JR Paradise Fountain Pens

Esterbrook’s JR Paradise is the embodiment of a utopian island getaway. This great pen is available in a variety of gorgeously vibrant hues reminiscent of exotic birds, tropical flowers, and drinks with umbrellas in them. Esterbrook casts the pocket-size JR in gently swirled resin to create an ethereal, windswept design. This pen comes complete with gold accents and a matching gold-plated, stainless steel nib. The JR Paradise is uniquely beautiful, and will make any writer feel like they’re on vacation.

Laban Rosa

Laban’s Rosa fountain pen is a breathtaking luxury pen. The design features pointed ends on the cap and end cap and was inspired by the grand columns common in neoclassical architecture. The opulence of this era is palpable just by looking at the pen through the pointed ends and glossy marbled resin. Combined with the saturated hues of green, red, blue, and yellow that the Rosa is available in, the pen is reminiscent of precious stones.

Laban 325

The Laban 325 epitomizes the brand’s dedication to artistry and craftsmanship. Each pen in this series features a color blocked body with two complementary colors of glossy tortoiseshell resin. Metallic gold accents tie together the color blocking elements to create a cohesive design, reminiscent of classical Greek or Roman architecture. The pen is available in a variety of different vibrant hues as well as some more muted tones for any individual’s style.

Pilot Custom Heritage SE Fountain Pens

Pilot dabbles in swirling, marbled resin in their latest collection imported from Japan. The "SE" in Custom Heritage SE is short for "seul," which means "only" in French. Pilot calls this model the SE because the marbled material is unique to each pen, offering a different pattern of swirls so that no two pens are the same. This elegant, traditional design has a vibrant personality thanks to its colorful design and high-performance 14kt gold nib that writes smoothly with no fuss.

Waldmann Tango Imagination Dark Teal

You can't help but be put under the hypnotizing spell of the Waldmann Tango Imagination. Made in Germany from 925 sterling silver, these pens have a pedigree and a solid base for a premium writing instrument. In 2022, Luxury Brands of America introduced the North American exclusive color "Dark Teal." These pens are like jewelry you can write with. The barrel and cap are engraved with a guilloche pattern that is then filled with layers of lustrous lacquer. The trims, clip, and grip section are finished with platinum to maintain a brilliant luster for a long, long time.

What's next for the best pens of 2022?

The year isn't over. In fact, it's just getting started. The fourth quarter is still ahead with many brands holding their best releases until the end of the year. Which pens will reign supreme by the year 2023? We will update this page with the latest and greatest discoveries in the pen world.

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