The 23 Best Fountain Pens of 2023

What are the best fountain pens in the world? Join us on a journey to the world of fine writing to find the best pens for writing, drawing, note-taking and collecting. Not only will we explore the best pen brands, including Lamy, Pilot, Kaweco, Sailor, and Pelikan, we will showcase lesser known pen makers. All types of pens - including ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens - are represented here.

This list is directly influenced by our customer's purchasing decisions, reviews, and comments. This isn't our own personal list of favorite pens. It's a list created by you, dear pen enthusiast. These pens are in no particular order.

Best Fountain Pens of 2024

OPUS 88 Mini Baby Beluga Fountain Pen

*A small, yet mighty Goldspot-exclusive pen

This calligraphy-capable cutie of a pen features a wrap-around design on the resin cap and barrel. Whales breach on the blue waves of the pen's screw-off cap. More marine life is visible on the translucent blue barrel.

Although the OPUS 88 Mini is a pocket-friendly pen, it has an eyedropper-filling system with a shut off valve. That means you can pour several milliliters of ink directly into the barrel. Engage the safety shut-off valve to prevent any potential ink leaks or burping due to changes in heat or air pressure.

Narwhal Nautilus Voyage Copacabana Fountain Pen

*Goldspot Exclusive

Based on the oversized Nautilus model, the Nahvalur Voyage has a rounded, cylindrical profile with ample size and feel in hand. An ink window allows you to see the waves of ink rolling inside the piston-filled barrel. Cast by Starry Night Resins, this custom, hand-made resin is inspired by shimmering tropical waters and sandy beaches.

This sensational summer pen is limited to 150 numbered pieces made worldwide with the edition number engraved on the top cap finial.

Leonardo Momento Zero Foresta Umbra Fountain Pen

*Goldspot Exclusive

Discover the secrets of the Foresta Umbra, a limited pen collaboration that combines Tim McKenzie's Diamondcast resin with Leonardo's Italian artisanship. "The forest of shadows" swirls with lush green and deep brown. The pen is enchanted with sparkling, conflict-free diamond dust throughout the resin.

To complement the brown and green shimmering swirls, Leonardo trimmed the pen with ruthenium black metal trims and nib.

Nahvalur 2023 Year of the Rabbit Fountain Pen

*Beautiful narwhal / nahvalur writing fountain pen

The Year of the Rabbit is considered to be one of calm and contemplation. In this spirit, Nahvalur (Narwhal) created a limited edition fountain pen to symbolize longevity, peace, and prosperity. Crafted into the oversized Nautilus shape, the "Year of the Rabbit" pen has pearl white shimmering, translucent resin made by Starry Night Resins. Three “porthole” circular ink windows spot the amount of ink in the large, piston-filling reservoir. Warm rose gold accents complement the pearlescent color pattern.

This edition of 223 pens sold out in a few days.

Kaweco AL-Sport "Mercury Orange" Fountain Pen

*Goldspot Exclusive

For this Goldspot-exclusive, limited edition pen design, Kaweco machined a solid piece of lightweight aluminum into a pocket-friendly, minimalist fountain pen. Then, they anodized the cap and barrel in burnt orange with a matte finish. A subtle impression of the pen's brand mark and the goldspot logo adorn two of the cap's 8 faceted sides. A gold-plated, stainless steel nib and medallion accent the luxury of this pen.

Accessorize this pen with an optional, gold-plated pocket clip and a piston converter if you prefer filling your pens with bottled ink.

Pilot Custom 743 Verdigris Fountain Pen

*Best 14kt gold nib fountain pen

After introducing the world to the cartridge/converter-filling cousin to the popular Custom 823 fountain pen, Pilot (Japan) quickly followed up with a beautiful aqua green version available exclusively in the United States. The Pilot Custom 743 Verdigris has retro appeal and a premium writing experience thanks to its 14kt gold nib available in 6 different sizes.

Just like the Custom 823, the 743 includes a complimentary bottle of Pilot ink inside the gift boxed presentation.

Retro 51 Tornado Tea Time Rollerball Pen

*Goldspot Exclusive Retro Tornado

Whether you love iced or hot tea, loose-leaf or bagged, or you take it with milk and honey, this rollerball satiates every tea lover's writing thirst.

"Tea Time" has an acid-etched barrel with a stonewashed copper finish and is complete with antique copper trim. Each one of 500 pens has its LE number engraved on the top ring and is topped with a kettle on the finial. Just remember pinkies out when you use this new tea-themed pen!

The tea barrel pattern was designed by graphic artist & Retro 51 fan Tracy Marsaioli.

Benu Euphoria 2023 New Year Fountain Pen

*Our favorite New Year fountain pen!

Benu's sparkly, shimmery pens naturally look as though they're a party you can hold in the palm of your hand. To ring in the New Year, Benu crafted a fountain pen to capture all the hope and optimism for the future.

The 10-sided, faceted barrel of the Euphoria catches the light perfectly to show the radiance and shimmer of this gloriously green, gold, and silver pen.

The Benu Euphoria 2023 New Years pen is limited to 500 individually-numbered pens.

Nahvalur Peter Draws Artist Edition Fountain Pen

*Best drawing fountain pen for sketching and artists

Like an artist who takes a bold, new direction, the fifth installment of the Nahvalur x Peter Draws "Peter Pen" takes this collection to a whole new level. Unlike any Peter Pen (or Nahvalur Pen) you've seen before, the Peter Draws "Artist Edition" incorporates Peter's free-flowing, abstract artwork and personal signature directly on the pen.

The gold-trimmed version is limited to 100 pens while the silver version is 900 pens. The gold sold out within about an hour. Silver is still available.

Retro 51 Tornado A.A. Milne Winnie-the-Pooh Fountain Pen in 100 Aker Wood

*Best designed fountain pen (style, elegance, luxury)

Applying classic literature themes to fountain pens and ink (thanks, Wearingeul) seems to be a trend in the past year. Retro 51 adopts the beloved Pooh bear with the 100 Aker Wood fountain pen edition limited to 517 pieces worldwide.

Using the artwork from the original children's story book published in 1926 (now public domain), Retro 51 wraps the illustration of the 100 Aker Wood on the barrel and cap, accenting it with stonewashed pewter trims.

Lamy Safari 2023 Special Edition

*Best fountain pen for beginners

This year, Lamy treats pen enthusiasts around the world to a trio of new Safari pen colors. Spring Green, Light Rose, and Aqua Sky comprise this year's special edition colors. Available for a limited time, these monochromatic pens have a polished finish with a matching cilp and trim.

For writers young and old, anyone can find a Safari pen they'll enjoy writing with in click-top ballpoint, capped rollerball, or fountain pen using a stainless steel nib.

Leonardo Officina Italiana Supernova Bohemian Twilight Fountain Pen

*Beauitufl acrylic Bohemian Twilight fountain pen

The latest limited edition made in collaboration with Jonathon Brooks and Leonardo. Jonathon makes some of the most beautiful pen materials in the business. Salvatore Matrone of Leonardo Officina is like Michelangelo, sculpting these gorgeous resins into functional works of art.

This piston-filling Supernova fountain pen has a built-in ink window, 14kt gold nib, and custom-made ebonite feed for a smooth, wet flow of ink. Select among 4 different trim styles - gold, silver, rose gold, and ruthenium black. These pens are individually numbered and limited to 199 pieces made worldwide.

Sailor Professional Gear Cocktail Cantina Fountain Pens

*Best fountain pen for writing from a luxury brand (Sailor)

The new Sailor "Cocktail" exclusive edition here to shake things up! Five new, colorful designs intoxicate the senses with their tequila-spirited drink names. This limited edition release is only available outside of Japan.

Sailor mixologists crafted five new intoxicating designs - Mockingbird, Blue Margarita, Lavender Margarita, Cyclamen, and Mexican Screwdriver.

The Professional Gear Regular writes with a premium, top-shelf 21kt gold nib available in fine, medium-fine, or medium point sizes.

Lamy Al-Star Petrol and Lilac 2023 Special Edition

*Best budget fountain pen for beginner's and collectors

In 2023, LAMY introduces TWO new, exciting color additions to the LAMY AL-Star collection. Petrol has a deep, teal-blue anodized aluminum finish with a chrome clip and silver nib. Lilac has a vibrant, pinkish-purple personality, also with a chrome clip and silver nib.

You can find a full assortment of ballpooint, fountain pen, and rollerball in each AL-Star color.

The AL-Star is essentially a Safari with upgraded swagger. The anodized aluminum finish and translucent grip section give this pen a modern luxury appeal.

Pelikan Souveran 605 Green White

In 2021, Pelikan introduced the Souveran 605 in refreshing Green-White. It appears in a list of 2023's most popular pens thanks to its current closeout price. Plus, well, one might say it has an ever-"green" style that doesn't fade.

Stripes of green pearlescent cellulose acetate contrast against elegant, creamy white resin, and palladium silver trims.

The Souveran 605 is sized for a comfortable fit for most writers, gliding smoothly across the page with its 14kt gold nib.

Kaweco Bronze Sport

Don't let this pocket-sized pen fool you, this Kaweco Sport pen is a heavyweight contender. Made of solid bronze, this all-metal writing instrument has a warm, vintage charm with a smooth, textured finish.

The warm, brushed finish of the bronze will patina over time, giving these pens an aged look.

Available as a stainless steel-nibbed fountain pen, capped rollerball, push-action ballpoint, and 0.7mm mechanical pencil.

Leonardo Momento Zero Aloha Fountain Pen

Float in a state of peaceful flow with the calming, ocean vibes of the Leonardo Momento Zero Aloha. Turned from marbled blue acrylic, this fountain pen design looks like an impressionist painting of crystal clear waves.

Aloha is available in either gold or silver trim with a matching stainless steel #6 size nib (made by Jowo). This is a new, everyday edition of the popular Momento Zero design.

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

*Best professional pen for executives and for your office

There's a reason why the Lamy 2000 fountain pen has thrived for over 50 years. This Bauhaus-styled design is a must-have in many fountain pen collections.

The pen's shape, weight, and feel in-hand offer a pleasurable experience unlike no other. The 14kt gold hooded nib has a smooth flow that feels like butter on the page. Easily draw up the last bit of ink at the bottom of the bottle using the built-in piston mechanism. Spy how much ink is left before you run out using the translucent ink window.

Ikkaku by Nahvalur Ye-Yu Urushi Fountain Pen

Ye-Yu (夜羽), which directly translates to Nightly Feathers, is the first luxury fountain pen from IKKAKU by Nahvalur.

The rounded, cylindrical body profile is based on the Nahvalur Nautilus pen design with layered, deep black urushi and exquisitely inlaid raden that mimics the feathers of nightingales.

Each Ye-Yu Urushi Raden Pen arrives in beautiful wood box, and includes a Nahvalur converter. For maximum ink capacity, this pen can be converted to fill with an eyedropper by removing the converter and applying a small amount of silicone grease to the section threads.

Benu Skull & Roses Gamma Green Fountain Pen

In collaboration with PenBoyRoy, Benu presents the Goldspot-exclusive "Gamma Green" Skull and Roses fountain pen design.

The Benu Skull and Roses pen reminds us that life is a force of change. While the grim reality is that we shall all meet the same fate, we can choose to blossom like the rose. "Gamma Green" represents the acceptance of fate and perseverance over life's obstacles.

Fitted with a #5 size Schmidt stainless steel nib in 4 different sizes and fills with an international ink cartridge or converter (both included).

Laban 325

*Best simple design fountain pen (luxury)

The Laban 325 epitomizes the brand’s dedication to artistry and craftsmanship. Each pen in this series features a color blocked body with two complementary colors of glossy tortoiseshell resin. Metallic gold accents tie together the color blocking elements to create a cohesive design, reminiscent of classical Greek or Roman architecture. The pen is available in a variety of different vibrant hues as well as some more muted tones for any individual’s style.

The golden yellow Ginkgo is the newest color addition to the 325 collection.

Pilot E95S Fountain Pen

*Best pocket fountain pen for writing

One of the more underappreciated pocket fountain pens at our store, the Pilot E95S has an elegant, streamlined style with a large slip cap and inlaid 14kt gold nib that seamlessly integrates with the grip section body.

Along with the Lamy 2000, the E95S is perennial best-seller for enthusiasts who are looking for a high-performance writing instrument that radiates elegance without an enormous price tag.

Benu Talisman Sakura Fountain Pen

*Goldspot Exclusive

The fleeting beauty of the Sakura flower is the inspiration behind this Benu Talisman fountain pen. For this edition, Benu created a custom blend of swirling, pearlescent resin that mixes throughout the pen's body and cap. Pieces of flower-shaped holographic glitter are suspended inside the material as if caught in the spring breeze. To imbue the pen with the mythical attributes of eternal youth and renewal, Benu added Sakura to the material of the pen.

First shipment of 150 pens sold in a day. The 2nd (and last) shipment is expected in mid-May.

What's next for the best pens of 2023?

The year isn't over. In fact, it's just getting started. The fourth quarter is still ahead with many brands holding their best releases until the end of the year. Which pens will reign supreme by the year 2023? We will update this page with the latest and greatest discoveries in the pen world.

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