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Sailor Pens' mission is to proudly maintain their long heritage of over 100 years of Japanese quality and technical excellence and perfection.   Explore our catalogue of Sailor fountain pens for sale.

Sailor Brand Overview | Sailor Warranty

Sailor 1911

The Sailor 1911 Japanese writing instruments are of high-quality materials, creating a nice classic look. Available in a fountain pen and ballpoint pen.

Sailor 1911 Compass

Colorful, entry-level demonstrator fountain pens fitted with a proprietary Sailor stainless steel nib and clear plastic feed. Includes matching color converter.

Sailor 1911 Large

The Sailor 1911 Large fountain and ballpoint pens have that same look as other Sailor 1911 Collection pens, but with more girth and length for those who enjoy a larger pen.

Sailor 1911 Realo

The Realo line was introduced soon after the great success of the original Sailor 1911 fountain pens, differing itself with a piston filling system. Available in fountain pen.

Sailor 1911 Standard

The Sailor 1911 Standard is a classic pen made to honor Sailor's foundation year-1911. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship of these fountain and ballpoint pens are sure to impress.

Sailor Barcarolle

The Sailor Barcarolle differs from other Sailor pens with its sophisticated, straight-line body and slim profile. Available in fountain and ballpoint pen modes.

Sailor Four Seasons

The Sailor Four Seasons writing instruments hav four colors- one for each season of the year. These Professional Gear fountain pens are sure to impress. 

Sailor Ink

Sailor's selection of fine writing inks, in addition to being great for any fountain pen, are often inspired by the beautiful and ever-changing seasonal colors of Japan.

Sailor King of Pens

The King of Pens collection is larger than the 1911 Large collection for those with larger hands or those who enjoy a larger pen. Available in fountain pen.

Sailor Millecolore

The Sailor Millecolore has a comfortable multi-colored resin barrel. This beautiful pen makes a perfect gift. Available in fountain and ballpoint pen.

Sailor Professional Gear

Sailor Pro Gear or Professional Gear Fountain Pens have a sleek clean design.  Available in regular or king of pens size too with a multitude of nib sizes.

Sailor Professional Gear Realo

The Realo line Sailor's latest addition to the Professional Gear Series. Writing with this high-quality fountain pen is always an enjoyable experience. 

Sailor Professional Gear Slim

Sailor's Professional Gear Slim pen is a small version of their classic Pro Gear, perfect for those with smaller hands or those that love to travel. Available in fountain pen.

Sailor Professional Gear II Slim

The Sailor Professional Gear II Slim pen is a sleek, classic looking pen. This enhanced Professional Gear series pen is perfect for any occasion and available in fountain pen.

Sailor Professional Gear Slim Mini

Also known as the "Sapporo Mini" the Sailor Professional Gear Slim Mini pocket fountain pen is back in North America! The Mini is a shorter length (18mm shorter when capped) than the Professional Gear Slim, making it a compact size to fit your on-the-go writing needs. The Mini might be smaller but it packs the same quality 14kt gold Sailor nib that writers have come to know and love.

Sailor Professional Gear Regular

The Sailor Professional Gear Regular fountain pen accommodates connoisseurs of discerning tastes for a larger pen. This beautiful pen is sure to impress and write beautifully. 

Sailor Reglus

The Sailor Regulas fountain and ballpoint pens feature magnificent sheen in their resin body giving them a lustrous modern look. These beautiful pens are sure to impress.