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Sailor Pens' mission is to proudly maintain their long heritage of over 100 years of quality, technical excellence, and perfection. Made in Japan, the Sailor Pen Company offers pens, inks, and nibs in a variety of models. Including rollerball, ballpoint, calligraphy, fountain, and dip pens. Explore our catalogue of Sailor fountain pens for sale. Popular models include the Sailor Pro Gear fountain pen and the Sailor 1911.

Sailor 1911

The Sailor 1911 Japanese writing instruments, including the Sailor King of Pen, are of high-quality materials, creating a nice classic look. Available in a fountain pen and ballpoint pen.

Sailor 1911 Compass

Sailor Compass 1911 fountain pens are colorful, entry-level demonstrator fountain pens fitted with a proprietary Sailor stainless steel nib and clear plastic feed. Includes matching color converter. Check out more Sailor Pens like the Sailor Professional Gear II Slim or the Sailor 1911 Standard.

Sailor 1911 Large

The Sailor 1911 Large fountain and ballpoint pens have that same look the Sailor 1911 Standard, but with more girth and length for those who enjoy a larger pen. For more from Sailor Pens check out the Sailor 1911 Realo.

Sailor 1911 Realo

The Realo line was introduced by Sailor Pens soon after the great success of the original Sailor 1911 Standard fountain pens, differing itself with a piston filling system. Explore our collection of Sailor 1911 Realo fountain pens. Also check out the amazing Sailor Pro Gear fountain pen.

Sailor Brand Overview & Warranty

As a leader in preserving hand writing custom and culture, Sailor Pens have always introduced unique fountain pens to the market, combining technological know-how gained from continuous efforts and 100 years of experience in the business. Founded in 1911(the namesake of the popular 1911 collection) by Mr. Kyugoro Sakata. Since then, Sailor fountain pens have become a worldwide brand renown for their exceptional and affordable fountain pens. The Sailor pen company Sailor fountain pens are made in Japan.

Sailor pens are known for their exceptional Sailor fountain pen nibs that write extremely smoothly, especially for such an incredible price-point. Sailor pens go on sale so often that you are most likely to find a price even better than the pen is originally listed. Coming in ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, and fountain pen, you can't go wrong with the Sailor pen brand.

Sailor 1911 Warranty

This Sailor 1911 writing instrument is warranted against original factory defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase from the original and Sailor Authorized retailer/vendor where the instrument was obtained. Should this instrument be found to have such a defect, it should be returned complete with all pen parts to the original and Sailor authorized retailer/vendor for processing. This original stamped/dated warranty document or the original sales receipt for the instrument must accompany the pen for any warranty or repair claims. This warranty does not cover any defects or damage as a result of misuse, abuse, neglect, accidental damage, tampering, and loss of original parts or reasonable wear and tear of normal use (which will be determined by Sailor). In such cases the standard repair and /or parts replacement charges will apply. This warranty is not applicable to product originally purchased through unauthorized retailer/vendors.

Sailor 1911 Standard

The Sailor 1911 Standard is a classic pen made to honor Sailor's foundation year-1911. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship of these fountain and ballpoint pens are sure to impress. Sailor Pens offers the 1911 in several sizes including Standard, 1911 Large, and King of Pens. Alternate models include the Sailor 1911 Realo differentiating itself with a piston filling system.

Sailor Cylint

CYLINT is a combination of CYLINDER and INTELLIGENT, which accurately describes this durable, metal-based writing instrument collection. These fountain pens and ballpoints are built for daily use while providing a luxury look and feel.

Sailor Ebonite Scripture

These fountain pens were created with the idea of picking up a pen at the end of the day to spend a memorable night. Each pen is carefully carved out of ebonite, which is said to be the best material for fountain pens.

Sailor Four Seasons

The Sailor Four Seasons writing instruments have four colors- one for each season of the year. These Professional Gear fountain pens are sleek, refined pens made by Sailor.  Sailor Pro Gear Four Seasons is a beautiful Sailor Pens collection. For a smaller alternative check out the Sailor Professional Gear Slim, Sailor King of Fountain Pen or the larger Sailor 1911 Large.

Sailor Ink

Sailor's selection of fine writing inks, in addition to being great for any fountain pen, are often inspired by the beautiful and ever-changing seasonal colors of Japan. Sailor ink is one of our favorite fountain pen inks for use in all Sailor Pens of all sizes from the Sailor 1911 Large to the Sailor Professional Gear Slim Mini! Their beautiful, deep colors produce writing you can't forget.

Sailor King of Pens

The King of Pens fountain pen collection is larger than the 1911 Large collection for those with larger hands or those who enjoy a larger pen. For smaller hands, Sailor Pens offers other great options including the Sailor 1911 Standard and the Sailor Four Seasons.

Sailor Professional Gear

Sailor Professional Gear or Sailor Pro Gear fountain pens have a sleek and clean design. Available in standard, Sailor 1911 King of Pen and Sailor Pro Gear Slim sizes with a multitude of nib options. For more fantastic models from Sailor Pens check out the Sailor 1911 Standard

Sailor Professional Gear Realo

The Realo line Sailor's latest addition to the Professional Gear Series. Writing with this high-quality fountain pen is always an enjoyable experience. 

Sailor Professional Gear Slim

Sailor's Professional Gear Slim pen is a small version of their classic Pro Gear, perfect for those with smaller hands or those that love to travel. Available in fountain pen. For a larger alternative Sailor Pens offers the Sailor King of Pens and Sailor Four Seasons lines.

Sailor Professional Gear Slim Mini

Also known as the "Sapporo Mini," the Sailor Professional Gear Slim Mini pocket fountain pen is back in North America! The Mini is a shorter length (18mm shorter when capped) than the Professional Gear Slim, making it a compact size to fit your on-the-go writing needs. The Professional Gear Slim Mini might be smaller but it packs the same quality 14kt gold Sailor nib that writers have come to know and love. Also check out these Limited Edition Fountain Pens from Sailor Pens.

Sailor Professional Gear Regular

The Sailor Professional Gear Regular fountain pen accommodates connoisseurs of discerning tastes for a larger pen. This beautiful pen is sure to impress and write beautifully. 

Sailor Shikiori Fountain Pens

The Sailor Shikiori (four seasons) collection is inspired by the beautiful colors of the seasons in Japan.

Sailor Tuzu

Treasure for Writing Pleasure - the Sailor Tuzu pen collection is a modern design for the modern mind. This ergonomic, economical Sailor fountain pen has an adjustable grip section to better fit the writer's hand.

Sailor Refills and Accessories

Using a fountain pen or ballpoint pen, Sailor has a gamut of bottle ink & cartridge refill options to fit your needs. Made in Japan.