Founded in 1918 in Pforzheim, the capital of traditional German jewelry,  Waldmann is a shining example of manufacturing excellence in the creation of heirloom writing instruments crafted from 925 sterling silver.

Waldmann Carbon F

Each stroke of this writing instrument exudes elegance and sophistication.

Waldmann Commander

It takes a steady hand to wield the impressive size and weight of the sterling silver Waldmann Pens "Commander" fountain pen. This strong, robust design has exceptionally precise details. The mirror-like finish of the barrel is milled with pinstripe lines reflected in the lacquering of the cap. A spring-loaded tie bar clip attaches firmly to clothing and pen loops.

Waldmann Grandeur

A magnificent and sophisticated writing instrument full of dignity and grandeur.

Waldmann Tango

This sterling silver pen, part of the Waldmann Pens for Sale collection, has a lively, elegant design that draws plenty of attention. Made in Germany with .925 sterling silver.

Waldmann Titan

Made in Germany and crafted from solid Titanium, the aptly-named Waldmann Pen Titan has an impressive heft, texture, and grandiose size. The sandblasted finish has a matte feel and will patina over time.

Waldmann Tuscany

Embrace rich luxury with the Waldman "Tuscany" collection. Inspired by the Mediterranean cypress trees that decorate the beautiful Tuscan landscape, this slim pen is finished to perfection. Solid 925 sterling silver serves as the base for each exceptional finish.