TWSBI fountain pens are modern, industrial-designed writing instruments tailored to the 21st Century pen enthusiast. TWSBI (commonly pronounced "twiz-bee") continues to excite writers worldwide with uncommon filling mechanisms and new, inexpensive pen designs.

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TWSBI Diamond 580

While most of our modern communication devices lack transparency and customization, the TWSBI Diamond 580 excels with a transparent resin construction that can be disassembled using the included wrench.


The TWSBI Eco is the answer to the common question, "what is a good starter fountain pen?" The piston-filling TWSBI eco fountain pen provides all the enjoyment of owning a modern fountain pen at a fraction of the cost.  Explore our TWSBI eco collection below.


The Eco-T fountain pens give beginning writers a more pronounced, triangular (that's where the "T" comes from) grip section to help properly grip their pen. The cap and piston-knob are also shaped in a rotary triangular design.  Explore our collection of TWSBI Eco-T fountain pens below.


TWSBI continues to push the limits of their affordable pen designs with a unique, easy-to-use filling system that makes inking up quickly when you're "on the GO."


Take all the parts you love about the Diamond 580 - the modern, industrial design, the transparent barrel, the piston mechanism, the smooth-writing stainless steel nib - then make it more compact for writers who prefer a postable, pocket fountain pen.


This entry-level, TWSBI fountain pen provides a convenient cartridge/converter filling method with a twist on the traditional pen converter.

TWSBI Vac Mini

The TWSBI Vac Mini is the smaller sibling of the Vac700R. The compact design allows for the cap to be posted on the back of the pen while writing. Like the Vac700R, the TWSBI Mini has a vacuum-filing system and can be disassembled using the included wrench.


For the serious writer, the TWSBI Vac 700R features a high-capacity vacuum-filling system that draws up over 2ml of ink in a simple, one-handed operation.  This comes in Iris and clear.

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TWSBI Ink Bottles

Easy-to-use, clean-filling ink wells that adapt to your TWSBI fountain pens.

TWSBI Replacement Nibs

Add to your assortment of nib sizes or replace a nib that took a high dive off your desk with the TWSBI replacement nib unit.

TWSBI Refills and Accessories

Find 100% authentic TWSBI refills and accessories for your writing instrument of choice.