Otto Hutt stands for high-quality writing instruments that set new standards in terms of individuality and precision: clear shapes, aesthetic design, functionality in perfection. Inspired by the ideals of the Bauhaus, Otto Hutt develops individualized products in a unique style.  Explore our Otto Hutt fountain pens and other Otto Hutt pens such as ballpoint and rollerball options.

Otto Hutt Design 02

Inspired by organic-minimalist aesthetics, transformed into an incomparable writing instrument. The Design 02 has a luxurious and durable platinum-plated finish.

Otto Hutt Design 04

Shaped in a simple, straightforward design, the Design 04 updates a classic original Otto Hutt pen model with artistic flair and premium materials.

Otto Hutt Design 06

These aluminum-based pens have an organic, tapered shape finished in a luxurious matte lacquer to contrast with the platinum-finished trims.

Otto Hutt Design 07

Strong and elegant, the Design 07 opens up a new dimension of fine writing. Otto Hutt protects the pen's sterling silver components with a lustrous platinum finish.

Otto Hutt Ink and Refills

Find 100% authentic, compatible refills and bottled ink for Otto Hutt writing instruments at Goldspot Pens.