Back in 1999, Sal and Kiran Mehra, started a small web company called Sky Web to create websites for local businesses and provide Internet access.

Internet retailer websites were just getting started and to learn more about better e-commerce website they wanted to create a live e-commerce website but were not quite sure what to sell online.

 About Us

They both had a passion for fountain pens, and one day, Kiran had ordered far too many from the Sensa Pen Company. Just for fun, she decided not to return any of them and instead asked the team at Sky Web to design an e-commerce website to sell the extra pens. When it came time to choose a name for the website, Sal had already registered Goldspot because it was his favorite orange soda drink from back in the 80's. The name held sweet memories and nostalgia, and we thought it was perfect for their new business.

 About Us

To everyone's surprise and just like that, the website came together quickly and was an instant success. Soon after they became one of the first authorized online retailers for Sensa Pens.


 And just like that, Goldspot was born, and written into history forever.