Goldspot was founded in 1999 by pen lovers and for pen lovers. Our company began right in the middle of the “Dot Com Boom,” and our founders wanted to start an online company that, ironically, encouraged people to physically put pen to paper so as not to lose touch with such palpable, material arts.


About Us

Above: The computers that first started the company.

Today, in the modern, digitally saturated world, it is more important than ever to stay true to our roots and continue to create things tangibly. In that spirit of creation, we feel that something as elemental as putting pen to paper is evermore essential.

At Goldspot, we pride ourselves on our dedication to the art of fine writing, supplying high-quality fine writing instruments, and providing exceptional customer service. We always put our customers first, as we want the joys of the writing experience to start here at Goldspot. We are always looking for ways to grow and improve, and keeping in constant communication with our patrons helps us do this.


About Us

Our mission is to curate and cherish the love of fine writing with fine pens, inks, and paper while supporting the growing community of writers and pen enthusiasts with personal service.