ystudio specializes in brass stationery. 'The weight of words' is their brand spirit.

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Explore ystudio's brass stationery and fountain pens. 'The weight of words' is their brand spirit which can be felt throughout our entire collection of ystudio pens.

ystudio Brassing

The Brassing series are made from solid brass with special black paint on the
surface, exquisite yet subtle. Through daily use the paint will gradually wear
off, expose the shining brass underneath, represent the trace of time and owner's stories and memories.

ystudio Classic

The Classic series created ystudio’s iconic hexagon design. Using pure
brass and copper as material, the weight reminds people of the
sentiments carry by the words they write. The luster of copper will
change with time and usage, accumulate the owner’s hand print and memories.

ystudio Desk Fountain Pens

In the tradition of the feather quill desk pen, yStudio presents a modern interpretation of the desk fountain pen with a heavy, full-metal design and sturdy base. The minimalist design will be a gorgeous addition to your workspace.

ystudio Resin

The Resin series reaching excellence balance in acrylic and brass showcases
ystudio's high-quality fusion. By elevating the instinct of acrylic, the Resin
series has a smooth matte surface to be worthy of the weight of brass.