Boldly go where no pen has inked before. Experience and share the wide spectrum of Colorverse Ink. Imported from South Korea, each ink is carefully engineered to provide an excellent writing experience.

All Colorverse Inks and Paper

Explore a universe of brilliant colors with a wide spectrum of Colorverse Inks and papers.

Colorverse 30ml Ink Bottles

All Colorverse ink colors in a 30ml glass bottle with original packaging. Made in Korea.

Colorverse 5ml Mini Ink Bottles

Sample the entire spectrum of Colorverse ink colors with these adorable 5ml ink bottles. Each bottle includes a plastic pipette to help transfer the ink to your pen or container to easily fill your pen.

Colorverse 65ml + 15ml Ink Bottle Sets

Explore a universe of exciting color with Colorverse's 2-packs of fountain pen ink. One large, 65ml bottle and one 15ml bottle to share with a friend (or keep for yourself).

Colorverse Ink Project

Explore new themes and exciting hues with the Colorverse Ink Project.

Colorverse USA Special Ink Collection

Travel the states with this Colorverse special edition ink collection that honors the identity of each American state.

Nebula by Colorverse Notebooks and Paper

To document your journey across the Colorverse, use these fountain pen-friendly paper products to express your artistic vision.