All Opus 88

Since 1988, Opus 88 Pens have earned a reputation for excellence. With an exacting high standard and painstaking quality control, The OPUS 88 Collection of fine writing pens includes the Opus 88 Jazz and the Opus 88 Koloro, as well as many other beloved Opus 88 fountain pens and supplies!

Opus 88 Bela

The Bela is a generously-sized, eyedropper-fill fountain pen built from beautiful, swirling acrylic. Fitted with a number 6 size stainless steel nib from Bock.

Opus 88 Demonstrator

Opus 88 Demonstrator pens allow you to see ink levels of the pen when capped or uncapped. These beautiful pens come in a variety of colors. Available in only fountain pen.

Opus 88 JAZZ

The Opus 88 Jazz fountain pen has a classic design which is available in a variety of colors. The semi-translucent resin portion of the pen allows you to see both your current ink level.

Opus 88 Koloro

The Opus 88 Koloro has a notable ink capacity for long writing sessions. This fountain pen is one of few that have a shut-off valve, regulating ink flow, to perfect the writing experience.

Opus 88 Minty

A refreshing take on an eyedropper-fill fountain pen, the Opus 88 "Minty" incorporates flecked marble resin with a translucent ink window.

Opus 88 OMAR

The Opus 88 OMAR fountain pen comes in a variety of transparent resins to allow you to see your ink level. OMAR fountain pens hold an impressive amount of ink.