Explore every pen brand that's worth the name.  We list both fountain pen brands as well as quality pen brands and luxury pen brands.


For almost 100 years the name of Aurora has symbolized high quality, good taste, and fine Italian craftsmanship. Choose from a variety of fountain pens including the Aurora Optima and the Aurora 88.  Choose from a variety of pen modes including Aurora fountain pen models, ballpoint pens, and rollerball.


Benu pens are handmade from an extensive palette of exclusive, opulent resins. Popular BENU fountain pens include the BENU Talisman fountain penbenu euphoria and the BENU Tattoo fountain pen. Benu fountain pens have a unique, undeniable personality that calls attention to itself with flashy style.  

Caran d'Ache

Caran d'Ache pens have been a hallmark of "Swiss Quality" since 1924. Founded in Geneva, it remains Switzerland's only manufacturer of fine art products, and writing instruments.  The Caran d'Ache fountain pen is their most famous pen, although the Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil are coveted pens as well.  Our top sellers from this brand are the Caran d'Ache 849 and the Caran d'Ache Ecridor.


The Clairefontaine mill has been making paper and Clairefontaine notebooks since 1858 and stationery products since 1890.

Colorverse Inks

Boldly go where no pen has inked before. Experience and share the wide spectrum of Colorverse Ink. Imported from South Korea, each ink is carefully engineered to provide an excellent writing experience.


The Conklin Pen Company was established in 1898 and is regarded as one of the most significant and innovative manufacturers from the golden era of fountain pens.  Conklin pens and Conklin fountain pens are highly regarded by pen experts around the world.  Popular Conklin pens include the Conklin All AmericanConklin Endura Pens and the Conklin Duragraph.

Cross Pens

Buy Cross Pens with confidence from our new Cross Pen catalog: Goldspot is an authorized seller of Cross fountain pens in various new and exciting finishes. Goldspot also offers Cross ballpoint pens, gold pens, and mini pens for sale. Our customers particularly love the Cross Ferrari Pencross bailey pens and the fun Cross Star Wars Pen.

Diamine Ink

A wide range of beautiful Diamine inks and Diamine ink cartridges in a variety of sizes.


Made in Germany, Diplomat pens have been manufactured using traditional methods of craftsmanship since 1922. Each Diplomat fountain pen is manually tested to ensure excellence. Popular Diplomat pens include the Diplomat Magnum and the Diplomat Traveller.

Edison Pen Co

All Edison pens are produced by hand (in the USA) with exceptional craftsmanship that is well-known by pen enthusiasts across the country.  The Edison Pen Company's Edison fountain pens are renowned by pen experts.  Popular models include the Edison Menlo and the Edison Collier fountain pens.


Established in 1858, Esterbrook pens was reborn in 2018 with a dedication to the modern writer and reverence to the past. Explore our collection of Esterbrook fountain pens for sale in various colors and models including the Esterbrook Estie.  We store premium esterbrook ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and even Esterbrook Pen Cases too!


Faber-Castell was founded in 1761 by the cabinet maker Kaspar Faber. All pens, pencils, and ink are made in Germany by one of the oldest industrial companies in the world.  Explore our collection of Faber-Castell fountain pens, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens, including the Faber-Castell Loom and the Faber-Castell E-Motion.

Ferris Wheel Press Bottled Inks

Ferris Wheel Press ink is a newcomer on the fountain pen scene, but they have proven themselves with their extraordinary bottled fountain pen inks.  Ferris wheel inks are magical, often inspired by fairy tales and folk stories.

Browse their many writing inks for sale, from calligraphy inks to premium bottled fountain pen inks.  With their many pen ink collaborations, it's hard not to find a bottle of ink you love.

Fisher Space Pen

The infamous million dollar pen that writes upside down, underwater and even in hot and cold temperatures due to a pressurized refill. In fact, it's still used on every manned space flight.

Galen Leather

100% Genuine handmade leather pen cases and accessories made in Turkey.


Protect your pens with the luxurious leather goods offered by Girologio. Lined with benign fabrics and non-chemically tanned, non-reactive materials, these cases will keep your most precious pens safe. Girologio pen cases are created by famous pen enthusiast Mario Campa known from his company Toys From The Attic. Browse Girologio leather pen cases below to find your next favorite pen case!

Ikkaku by Nahvalur

"Ikkaku" is the Japanese word for narwhal and the mark of luxury expressed in urushi and raden. IKKAKU by Nahvalur is yet another testament to Nahvalur’s unwavering dedication to luxury writing instruments with high craftsmanship and artistry.

Ink Miser

Get every last drop of ink with the ingenious design of the Ink Miser accessories for fountain pen enthusiasts.

Itoya Profolio

Originally founded in Japan, Itoya pens makes a wide variety of writing instruments and accessories. Itoya Profolio produce premium writing instruments including Itoya Profolio fountain pens as well as journals and pen holders.

J. Herbin

J. Herbin Ink is the oldest name in ink production in the world. J. Herbin was a sailor, familiar with the ink used aboard ships. The wet conditions on a sailing ship required an ink that was waterproof. His first ink produced was Encre des Vaisseaux meaning "The Ink of Ships".


Kaweco belongs to one of the oldest brands on the market. For more than 125 years Kaweco pens are an integral part of the High-Class assortments. Explore our collection of Kaweco fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and bottled ink.


The Laban Pens Corporation was founded in 1981, John Hu partnered with his brother Charles to build a manufacturing plant with the goal of producing the highest quality fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens. From there, the laban fountain pens blew up across the world, finding homes in many collector's homes. They produced the Laban Skeleton Fountain Pen and the classic Laban 325, and became engraved in the fountain pen community.


We pride ourselves on a great collection of Lamy pens, including Lamy fountain pens, Lamy rollerball pens, and Lamy ballpoint pens. 

With almost every model in the Lamy pen line, we are excited for you to explore our various lamy pens below!

Leonardo Officina Pens

A fine art passed down from one generation to the next, the father-and-son duo behind Leonardo Officina Italiana has 40 years of experience crafting writing instruments.

Leuchtturm 1917

The philosophy of LEUCHTTURM1917 is to manufacture products that they believe in and enjoy using themselves.  Leuchtturm1917 is a family-run company founded in 1917. Experienced production of high-quality stationery is their specialty. Today their name stands for premium quality in more than 50 countries.

Magna Carta

A Magna Carta pen is more than an everyday writing instrument - it is a key to unlocking the power of words. From the nibs and feeds to the production of raw materials for the barrels, Magna Carta does it all in-house to exacting standards.

Mobius + Ruppert

Quality is the trademark of their sharpeners. Very popular with design professionals and artists due to their unbreakable and weighty feel. All their brass sharpeners are delivered with the specially hardened M + R quality blades.


Browse our Montblanc fountain pens, pen refills, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and more. 

The Mont Blanc pen company is renowned for producing the most prestigious writing instruments in the fountain pen and fine writing industry.

Explore the various Mont Blanc pen models and products below.


Montegrappa, since 1912, stands in the same historic factory building on the bank of the River Brenta, in one of the most picturesque areas of the historic town of Bassano del Grappa. The unique, heirloom-quality of Montegrappa fountain pens are prized by many collectors and writing enthusiasts. Popular Montegrappa pens include the Montegrappa Elmo and the Montegrappa Parola.


The Monteverde pens division of YAFA pen company corporation offers high-quality, elegant writing instruments that combine the finest European materials with state-of-the-art ink technologies. Monteverde is famous for their Monteverde fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens. Popular models include the Monteverde Regatta and the Monteverde Innova.


Namiki Maki-e fountain pens encompass the ultimate fusion of skill and spirit inherited from our predecessors, and also the roots of the Pilot Pen company. Over many years to the present day, they are the top brand in Maki-e fountain pens conveying Japanese traditional culture, and are highly regarded around the world. Some favorites are the Namiki Emperor fountain pen and Namiki Yukari. Explore our Namiki fountain pens and Namiki pens to discover the perfect pen for you.  

Narwhal / Nahvalur

From the depths of imagination surface a new breed of writing instrument tapping into the stream of consciousness with artistic beauty and elegance- the Narwhal (Nahvalur) Fountain Pen.

Nebula by Colorverse

Emerging from the Colorverse brand of quality fountain pen inks, this line of notebooks contains paper capable of handling the most intense inks.

Noodler's Ink

Noodler's Ink is available in over 100 colors, ranging from bulletproof ink to highlighter ink and ink that helps lubricate your fountain pen with the Noodler's Eel Collection.  Explore Noodler fountain pens, Noodler's Ink, and Noodler's Ink Pens!  Favorites include the Noodler's Ahab and Noodler's Neponset.


Reborn in 2023, the legendary OMAS brand continues to produce exceptional quality writing instruments that are made in Italy and adhere to the highest standards.

Opus 88

Since 1988, Opus 88 Pens have earned a reputation for excellence. With an exacting high standard and painstaking quality control, The OPUS 88 Collection of fine writing pens includes the Opus 88 Jazz and the Opus 88 Koloro, as well as many other beloved Opus 88 fountain pens and supplies!


Opus 88 Pen Brand Overview

Michael Hsu, Opus 88 pen company founder, has handcrafted these gorgeous fountain pens for enthusiasts of fine pens and fine writing. The Opus 88 fountain pen was first handcrafted in 1988 when Michael began the company, Opus 88, which would go on to produce these beautiful writing instruments.

Michael Hsu and Opus 88 are also an OEM manufacturer for other famous fountain pen brands on the luxury market.

Which Nib Size Should I Get For My Opus 88 Fountain Pen?

Choosing the right fountain pen nib can be a tough decision. Our advice for starters is to go with a fine or extra-fine (EF) nib. Opus 88 nibs are a little bigger than other brands like Pilot or Sailor, so we suggest to order an extra-fine Opus 88 nib if you are looking for letter writing size. All Opus 88 pens are #5 size nibs, other than the Opus 88 Demonstrator which is a #5 size fountain pen nib.

Where Are Opus 88 Fountain Pens Made?

Opus 88 fountain pens are made in Taipei, Taiwan.

How To Fill An Opus 88 Fountain Pen?

These modern fountain pens use an eyedropper filling mechanism, which is one of the oldest methods to fill a pen with ink. Watch the below video we produced for a step-by-step instruction to how to fill an Opus 88 fountain pen with the eyedropper filling method. The video will start at our section on eyedropper pens. This will be the same process for all Opus 88 fountain pens.

Otto Hutt

Otto Hutt stands for high-quality writing instruments that set new standards in terms of individuality and precision: clear shapes, aesthetic design, functionality in perfection. Inspired by the ideals of the Bauhaus, Otto Hutt develops individualized products in a unique style.  Explore our Otto Hutt fountain pens and other Otto Hutt pens such as ballpoint and rollerball options.


Parker Pens are created without compromise in a tradition of excellence. In 2016, Parker Pen Co. has introduced a completely new selection, ranging from professional Parker ballpoint pens to innovative Parker fountain pen designs such as the Parker 51 pen, parker sonnet fountain pens, parker im pens, parker urban fountain pen and the Parker duofold fountain pen.    


The Pelikan Pen company is a manufacturer of high-quality fine writing Pelikan fountain pens, ballpoint, and rollerball pens, pencils, and inks since 1838. Pelikan fountain pens are world-renown for their traditional quality, craftsmanship, and elegant designs.  Pelikan Pens are made in Hanover, Germany.  We have a diverse range of Pelikan fountain pens for sale as well as Pelikan rollerball pens in a variety of colors and options, including Pelikan M200, Pelikan M800 and Pelikan M600.


"A Style to Remember, A Style for Creativity." The Penlux brand of writing instruments produces high-quality fountain pens from Taiwan.


Pilot pens are exceptional writing instruments with a long-standing tradition of Japanese craftsmanship and attention to the finest detail. Among their range, the Pilot Falcon is a notable pilot fountain pen, celebrated for its innovative design. In addition to the Falcon, Pilot offers medium point pens, other styles of fountain pens, and ballpoint pens. Pilot is famous not just for their fountain pens like the Falcon but also for metal pens with caps, refillable pens, and ballpoint pens. The Pilot G2 Pens, along with the pilot precise pens are particularly beloved by customers.


Pineider pens is a brand known for products including pens and stationary.  Pineider's famous products are the Pineider Honeycomb fountain pen, Pineider Avatar fountain pen, and their Pineider ink.  Explore these products and hundreds more here on Goldspot.


Precise and essential shapes meet Pininfarina timeless design, creating a revolutionary writing instrument, light and ergonomic.


In 1919 founder, Shunichi Nakata started the business establishing "Nakaya Seisakusho" in Ueno, Tokyo. Now, Platinum pens are popular with men and women of all ages.  Popular Platinum fountain pens include the Platinum 3776 Century and the Platinum Procyon.

Retro 51

Retro 1951 is on a mission to bring fashion, fun and value to the world of writing instruments and business accessories.


Rhodia is known for high quality paper perfect for fountain pens.  Different size Rhodia notebooks available in dot, grid, lined and plain Rhodia paper. Choose from hardbound, spiral and glued.

Rickshaw Bagworks

Protect your finest pens in style with the handmade (with love) cases from San Francisco, California.

Robert Oster Ink

Each unique and exciting ink color in the Robert Oster Signature collection is a genuine inventory of the native Australian palette. Most inks have characteristics that make writing with a fountain pen fun and personal.


Looking for the perfect creative tool? Try using a rOtring. With perfectly crafted writing tools and accessories, Rotring inspires all who have a penchant for perfection.


Sailor Pens' mission is to proudly maintain their long heritage of over 100 years of quality, technical excellence, and perfection. Made in Japan, the Sailor Pen Company offers pens, inks, and nibs in a variety of models. Including rollerball, ballpoint, calligraphy, fountain, and dip pens. Explore our catalogue of Sailor fountain pens for sale. Popular models include the Sailor Pro Gear fountain pen and the Sailor 1911.


SCRIBO Pens is an Italian fountain pen brand that uses the highest quality materials. SCRIBO fountain pens create a great experience during the writing process.  The SCRIBO brand is famous for its SCRIBO feel fountain pens and even its SCRIBO inks.


The Sensa fountain pen is "The World's Most Comfortable Pen." We carry the largest stock of Sensa pens in the world.  We carry Sensa Pens, Sensa Pencils, and Sensa refills.  Sensa is famous for their fountain pens and ballpoint pens, but they also carry wonderfully comfortable Sensa mechanical pencils.


Since 1912, Sheaffer Pens, have provided for an expression of one's innermost thoughts.  The Sheaffer fountain pen is a beautifully crafted pen made for expression.  Writers use sheaffer ink pens for calligraphy and more.  The Sheaffer pen company offers ballpoint pens and calligraphy pens as well as fountain pens.


Each product was designed to meld seamlessly with your lifestyle and can be used as an everyday carry for all your tools to lead your life.  The design is deceptively simple on the outside, but filled with great thought and attention to detail on the inside.

S.T. Dupont

Take pleasure in the art of putting pen to paper. Words that take shape in your mind are brought to life on the page, gracefully, smoothly with the reassuring weight of a handcrafted writing instrument, as expressive as you are.  Explore our collection of St Dupont ink bottles, pen refills for ballpoint and rollerball, and ST Dupont ink cartridges.


Taccia pens combine the noble artistry of creative expression with the quality craftsmanship that will endure with grace.  Explore our collection of Taccia fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and fountain pen ink bottles.


Established in 1916 by Guiseppe Tibaldi in Florence, the Tibaldi brand is authentically Italian with fountain pens that utilize a stainless steel nib and ebonite feed.  Explore our collection of Tibalidi fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens.


TWSBI fountain pens are modern, industrial-designed writing instruments tailored to the 21st Century pen enthusiast. TWSBI (commonly pronounced "twiz-bee") continues to excite writers worldwide with uncommon filling mechanisms and new, inexpensive pen designs.


The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty.  Explore our catalogue of Visconti fountain pens for sale.


Founded in 1918 in Pforzheim, the capital of traditional German jewelry,  Waldmann is a shining example of manufacturing excellence in the creation of heirloom writing instruments crafted from 925 sterling silver.


Most Waterman pens are made in France, with a few made in the United Kingdom. Since 1883, Waterman Pen continues to be a brand synonymous with quality and style.  Explore our Waterman fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens in our extensive collection of waterman pens for sale!

Wearingeul Ink

Wearingeul 글입다 is a design brand which interprets, expresses, redesignsliterature with modern & unqiue insight. Mainly focusing on'stationery', Wearingeul gives births to classic literature works (worldwide master pieces, fairy tales, legends etc.) Browse Wearingeul Inks below to find the right bottled ink for your pens!


ystudio specializes in brass stationery. 'The weight of words' is their brand spirit.