Parker Pens

Parker Pens are created without compromise in a tradition of excellence. In 2016, Parker Pen Co. has introduced a completely new selection, ranging from professional Parker ballpoint pens to innovative Parker fountain pen designs such as the Parker 51 pen, parker sonnet fountain pensparker im pensparker urban fountain pen and the Parker duofold fountain pen.    

The Parker Pen has long been synonymous with excellence in writing instruments. At Goldspot Pens, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of Parker pens, each embodying a blend of iconic design and exceptional functionality. From the classic elegance of the Parker 51 to the modern sophistication of the Parker IM, our range caters to all preferences and needs.

Discover the World of Parker Pens

Parker pens are not just writing instruments but a testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. With a history dating back to 1888, the Parker Pen Company has established itself as a staple in the luxury pen market. Their pens are recognized worldwide for their exquisite design and reliability, appealing to collectors and those seeking a pen for personal use.

Why Choose a Parker Pens?

Choosing a Parker pen means investing in a piece of history renowned for its quality and durability. Whether it's the smooth ink flow of a Parker fountain pen or the precision of a Parker ballpoint, each pen offers a unique writing experience. The brand's dedication to innovation is evident in every pen, from the 18k gold nibs to the stainless steel finishes.

The Featured Parker Pens Collection

Series Name

Pen Types Available

Nib Sizes Available

Nib Materials

Price Range

Parker 51 Pen

Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen

Fine, Medium

18Kt Gold, Stainless Steel

$85.53 - $125.78

Parker Duofold Pens

Fountain Pen

Fine, Medium

18Kt Gold

$500 - $1,000+

Parker IM

Ballpoint Pen, Rollerball Pen

Fine, Medium

Stainless Steel

$19.29 - $70.71

Parker Ingenuity

Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen

Fine, Medium

Stainless Steel

$30.86 - $38.57

Parker Jotter

Ballpoint Pen, Fountain Pen

Fine, Medium

Stainless Steel

$8.95 - $33.11

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pens

Fountain Pen

Fine, Medium

18Kt Gold, Stainless Steel

$27.44 - $34.30

Parker Urban Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

Fine, Medium

Stainless Steel

Data Not Available

Explore Our Parker Fountain Pen Collection

The Parker fountain pen range is a highlight of our collection. The iconic Parker 51 Fountain Pen combines tradition with modernity, offering a writing experience that is both smooth and reliable. For a premium fountain pen experience, the Parker Duofold stands out with its recognizable design and heritage dating back to the roaring twenties. The Parker Sonnet Fountain Pens are known for their writing excellence, featuring medium nibs and available in various nib sizes.

The Elegance of Parker 51 Pens

The Parker 51 series is the most iconic in the Parker range. The 51 Fountain Pen perfectly blends traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Its unique appeal lies in its history and Parker's modern twist to this classic model.

Parker IM: The Epitome of Style and Functionality

The Parker IM line epitomizes style and functionality. Available in both ballpoint and fountain pen models, the IM series is known for its sleek design and high-quality performance. The Parker IM Ballpoint and Fountain Pens are perfect for those who value a pen that is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Parker Jotter: The Classic Writing Companion

The Parker Jotter is a classic that has stood the test of time. The Jotter Originals bring together timeless design and modern colors, making them a favorite among pen enthusiasts. The versatility of the Parker Jotter Pens is unmatched, making them suitable for various writing needs.

The Luxurious World of Duofold Centennial Pens

The Duofold Centennial stands out in luxury pens for its prestige and craftsmanship. The Duofold Centennial Fountain Pen symbolizes Parker's pen-making excellence, while the Centennial model showcases the brand's commitment to exquisite design and innovation.

Parker Pen Nibs: Precision and Quality

Parker's pen nibs are a hallmark of their quality. The 18k gold nib is a work of art, offering precision and a smooth writing experience. Parker's stainless steel nibs are a reliable choice for everyday writing, ensuring a seamless ink flow onto the paper.

Parker Pen Refills: Ensuring a Seamless Writing Experience

Parker offers a range of refills and converters to maintain the quality of writing. The ink cartridges and converters for Parker Pens are designed to ensure a continuous and smooth writing experience. Quality Parker refills are crucial to maintaining your Parker pen's performance.

The Parker Pen Collection: A World of Choices

The Parker Pen range is vast, offering everything from ballpoint to rollerball pens. Each pen in the collection is unique, featuring different colors and finishes that cater to individual tastes and preferences.

The Art of Writing with Parker Ballpoint Pens

The Parker ball pen is known for its reliability and quality. The Parker Vector and Jotter Ballpoint Series exemplify the brand's commitment to providing pens that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Parker's Commitment to Craftsmanship and Quality

Parker's dedication to craftsmanship and quality is evident in every pen they produce. From the fine points of their nibs to the rigorous standards they maintain in pen making, Parker ensures that each pen is a testament to their legacy of excellence.

The New Additions to the Parker Pen Family

Constantly innovating, Parker continues introducing new designs and colors to their range. The latest Parker Pen innovations reflect the brand's commitment to combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design.

Buy Your Parker Pen From Goldspot Pens

Goldspot Pens offers a curated selection of Parker pens, each chosen for its quality and craftsmanship. Whether you're looking for a luxurious fountain pen or a practical ballpoint, our collection has something for everyone. Explore our range and find the perfect Parker pen to enhance your writing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Parker Pen Company?

“It will always be possible to make a better pen.”

This was and continues to be the driving philosophy behind the innovation and technology of Parker pens. After acquiring his second patent in 1984, George S. Parker pioneered “the lucky curve”, a breakthrough anti-leak system. Kenneth Parker joined the company in 1914 and helped launch the Parker Duofold, a bold pen that captured the essence of The Roaring Twenties. The “Big Red” soon became famous for its bright orange color and impressive 25 year warranty.
Jumping ahead to 1954, the newly designed Parker Jotter ballpoint pen sold 3.5 million in it’s first year, with over 800 million sold worldwide to date. 1994 saw the first version of the Parker Sonnett, one of the most beloved Parker pen models. Heritage House, the Parker Museum, opened in 2015 as a private exhibit celebrating the story of George S. Parker. History enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of Parker with over 150 pens, advertising materials, films and more on display from a private collection.
Parker pen’s rich history and dedication to high quality craftsmanship earned them two Royal Warrants for the highest standards of performance and service. With accolades like this, when you purchase a Parker pen, you’re using a writing instrument that’s truly fit for royalty.

Are Parker Pens good?

Long story short, yes! If you’ve made it to the end of this article, you have a great understanding of why Parker pens are in a league of their own. This is a reliable brand with a history of excellence behind its name. You can always expect amazing quality, durability, and a wide price range with Parker pens. While they are indeed a luxury compared to most pens, they are also an investment that will last much longer.

What are the different types of parker pens (fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint)?

The different types of parker pens for sale include the following:

Parker Fountain Pens

Parker fountain pens are perhaps the most famous of the parker pens we have for sale. The history of Parker Pen Company is because of it's traditional as a fountain pen brand, but the rollerball and ballpoint pens are popular pens too.

Parker Rollerball Pens

Parker rollerball pens are one of the best writing instruments in our product catalog. Although parker is famous for their fountain pens, rollerball point pens are amazing writing pens you should have in your collection

Parker Ballpoint Pens

Parker ballpoint pens are another great writing instrument for you. These ballpoint ink pens are great everday writers. The most popular

What are the most popular Parker Pen models?

Parker Pens have been a staple in the writing instrument industry for over a century. Below are some of their most distinguished pen models:

Parker Jotter

The Parker Jotter pen is perhaps the most recognizable and affordable in the Parker pen collection. Known for its iconic design and reliable performance, the Jotter offers a range of options in colors and finishes, allowing customers to choose according to their preference. This model is available as Parker ballpoint pens and Parker rollerball pens, catering to a variety of writing needs.

Parker Sonnet

The Parker Sonnet pen stands out for its refined aesthetics and superior craftsmanship. It is available in a diverse range of barrel designs and finishes, offering a luxurious writing experience. The Sonnet is a top choice for those looking to buy Parker online, providing elegance and reliability in every stroke.

Parker Duofold

The historic Parker Duofold has been a symbol of excellence in the Parker pen range since its introduction in the 1920s. With its exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail, the Duofold is often considered a treasured item in many pen collections around the world. It is often for sale in exclusive editions, making it a coveted gift for enthusiasts.

Other Collections

Beyond these, Parker offers a variety of other collections, each with its unique appeal, allowing customers to explore and choose the perfect pen set as a gift or for personal use. These models vary in cost, with some available under $200, making them an affordable option for those on a budget.

Where are Parker Pens made?

Parker Pens originated in the United States but have expanded their manufacturing to various parts of the world. The brand has adapted its manufacturing processes to maintain the highest quality standards while catering to a global customer base. The logo of Parker is a symbol of quality and authenticity, assuring customers of the brand’s commitment to excellence, regardless of where the pens are made.

What is the writing experience like with Parker fountain pens?

The writing experience with Parker fountain pens is often described as smooth and effortless. The brand's dedication to quality and precision ensures a consistent flow of ink, allowing for a seamless content creation process. Whether opting for a Parker ink pen or exploring other models, users often commend the balance and comfort that these pens provide, enhancing the overall content creation process.

What fountain pen ink do you recommend for Parker fountain pens?

There are many fountain pen ink options to use with parker fountain pens, but for optimal performance, it is recommended to use Parker Pen's ink with their fountain pens. This ensures that the ink flows smoothly and does not damage the internal mechanisms of the pen. However, users have a range of colors and options to choose from, allowing them to personalize their writing experience. While Parker ink is specially formulated for their pens, users seeking different ink properties can explore other reputable brands, keeping in mind the pen’s maintenance and care.

What is the warranty with Parker Pen Company?

Parker Pens have a 2 year warranty. The brand stands by the quality of its products, offering warranties to assure customers of their purchase. The warranty terms may vary depending on the model and place of purchase, but they generally cover any manufacturing defects, ensuring peace of mind for the buyers.