Cartridge Converter Compatibility Guide for Fountain Pens

Finding the correct cartridge or converter for your fountain pen can be a little tricky. Usually, there is no item number or branding on the part you need to replace. Let Goldspot help you find the compatible refills for your pen. For over 20 years, we've fueled writers with fresh ink and refills for their fine writing instruments.

Most modern fountain pens use a cartridge/converter filling system (c/c for short) giving the writer the option of using a pre-filled, disposable ink cartridge or a piston-operated converter to fill with bottled ink.

"Standard International" cartridges and converters are commonly used in most fountain pens. International cartridges are made in short or long sizes. International converters are made in one size. A variety of manufacturers produce the same style of cartridge or converter and they are all compatible with each other.

On the other hand, certain fountain pen brands may use cartridges and converters that are proprietary (made to fit) their pens. Within a brand, there may be a few different types of cartridges and converters that fit particular pen models.

Use this chart below to find the brand of pen you use and see if it is compatible with standard international cartridges/converters, or if it uses proprietary cartridges/converters.

Pen Brand Cartridge Type Converter Type




Caran d'Ache







Graf von Faber-Castell




Leonardo Officina Italiana






Noodler's Ink








Porsche Design

Retro 1951




S.T. Dupont







**These pen brands use multiple cartridge/converter styles. Please consult with the manufacturer's use and care guide or do some research online to find which specific refill is compatible with your pen. You may also contact us if you're not sure.

1 Kaweco Sport Pocket Fountain Pens use the Sport Piston Converter. Other, full-size Kaweco pens utilize the standard international converter.
2 Sailor's Chalana fountain pen uses specific slim cartridges and converter. All other Sailor fountain pens (except for the Realo) use the Sailor standard cartridge or converter.
3 Select Sheaffer Pen models (like the VFM) use standard international cartridges. Most other Sheaffer fountain pens use the Sheaffer standard converter and cartridges.

How to fill your fountain pen

Watch the videos below to see step-by-step demonstrations on how to refill your cartridge/converter fountain pen.

You might get inky fingers sometimes when filling your pen using the converter. For pen enthusiasts that truly enjoy the hobby, a little ink on your fingers is a badge of honor.

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