Goldspot carries the entire line of all Cross Ballpoint, Rollerball and Fountain Pens. Cross Pen Refills are also fully stocked and available.

Cross Pens

Buy Cross Pens with confidence from our new Cross Pen catalog: Goldspot is an authorized seller of Cross fountain pens in various new and exciting finishes. Goldspot also offers Cross ballpoint pens, gold pens, and mini pens for sale. Our customers particularly love the Cross Ferrari Pen and the fun Cross Star Wars Pen.

Cross ATX

The Cross ATX features a clip that is rounded off and smoothly integrated into the shape of the barrel. Available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens.

Cross Aventura

Lightweight and reliable, the Cross Aventura is a classic choice to bring some sophistication to your writing experience. Known primarily for their Cross Aventura fountain pens, the Cross Aventura has unrivaled quality in their fountain pens and ballpoint pens.

Cross Bailey

Traditional design meets subtle and unique detailing in the Cross Bailey. The grooved center ring with engraved accents bring a creative touch to a tried-and-true design.  Explore our Cross Bailey fountain pens and Cross Bailey rollerball pens below!

Cross Bailey Light

The Cross Bailey Light fountain pen is a premium Cross pen beloved by long-time Cross pen writers!  Explore our options including fountain pens from Cross, and Cross Bailey rollerball and ballpoint pens.

Cross Beverly

The Cross Beverly presents a delicate charm through a unique profile and clip shape, as well as the polished chrome appointments. Available in Cross Beverly fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint pens.

Cross Botanica

Enjoy the classic reliability and quality writing experience you know and love from Cross with a contemporary floral flair sure to impress.

Cross Calais

With a sleek and comfortable shape, lustrous and beautiful available finishes, and a lightweight hand feel, the Cross Calais cements itself as a modern classic.  Browse our Cross Calais fountain pens, rollerball pens, and Cross Calais ballpoint pens for sale.

Cross Classic Century

A beautiful staple of Cross's modern line, the Cross Classic Century is a timeless beauty clad in many available premium finishes. Available in Cross Classic Century fountain pen, Cross Classic Century rollerball pen, and Cross Classic Century ballpoint pens.

Cross Century II

The Cross Century II is a wider, more substantial take on the Classic Century, available in a number of precious metal trims. Available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens.

Cross Click

The Cross Click, famous for its simple and ubiquitous retractable click mechanism, is available in many different finishes and colors. Available in ballpoint pen.

Cross Edge

For those that want to have a little fun while getting down to business, this capless rollerball pen combines performance and practicality with play-ability. Just slide it open, unleash your thoughts, and then snap it shut. Slide open. Snap shut. Slide open. Snap shut.

Cross Lumina

Let your inner light shine with the Cross Lumina collection of LED-powered pens. These pens light up in three colors through the perforations in the pen body.

Cross Peerless

One of the finest Cross writing instruments, celebrating their heritage. A comfortable pen with a timeless look. Available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens.

Cross Peerless 125

Incorporating the finest craftsmanship, luxurious metals, and a design that pays homage to the original Century line, the Cross Peerless 125 truly stands alone.  Explore the Cross Peerless 125 fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen options, including the Cross Peerless 125 platinum fountain pen!.

Cross Readers

The Cross Reader collection features a variety of smart and stylish frames made of a scratch resistant polycarbonate and aspheric lenses available in a number of diopters.

Cross Sauvage

The curvaceous silhouette of the Cross Sauvage paired with lustrous metal finishes, let you embrace the wild side of fine writing. Available in Cross Sauvage Fountain Pen, Rollerball, and Ballpoint pens.

Cross Scuderia Ferrari

Finishes inspired by Scuderia Ferarri looks. High quality writing instrument that will race across the page smoothly. Available in fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball pens.

Cross Tech 2

The Cross Tech 2 is the ideal combination of tradition writing pen and stylus. With the reliable action of a classic Cross ballpoint and the smooth 6mm stylus lying on the opposite end of the pen.

Cross Tech 3+

The Cross Tech 3+ integrates a number of different technologies to create a multifunction masterpiece of a pen. One pen containing black ballpoint, a red ballpoint, a 0.5mm pencil, a stylus, and an eraser.

Cross Townsend

With a signature double band and classic silhouette, the Townsend makes a statement and represents the Art-Deco sensibilities of the 1930s. Available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens.

Cross X Liberty

The Cross X rollerball pen features a fluid, gel rolling ball tip, and an uncommon retraction mechanism. Pull the two halves of the pen apart to extend the point. Push them together to close.

Cross Wanderlust

Begin your journey with the new Cross Wanderlust collection. These colorful designs evoke the beauties of nature.  Explore Cross Wanderlust fountain pens below!

Cross Zodiac Special Editions

Special editions released each year that match in theme with the Chinese Zodiac sign for the particular year.

Cross 0.7 mechanical pencils

Write notes, jot down equations, and solve intricate problems with an elegant Cross 0.7mm mechanical pencil in hand.

Cross Pen Refills

Find all your Cross pen refills here.  Goldspot Pens carries a wide array of ballpoint pen refills, rollerball refills and fountain pen refills.  We carry Cross fountain pen cartridges and bottled ink.  Explore our cross pen refills!