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Made in Germany, Diplomat pens have been manufactured using traditional methods of craftsmanship since 1922. Each Diplomat fountain pen is manually tested to ensure excellence. Popular Diplomat pens include the Diplomat Magnum and the Diplomat Traveller.

Diplomat Aero

Smooth lines, and a beautiful metallic body, the German Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pens are a part of the Diplomat Aero series, inspired by and giving memory to the Zeppelin.

Diplomat Elox

Based on the body style of the best-selling Diplomat Aero Fountain Pens and Diplomat Fountain Pens, the Aero collection brings an energetic twist on the anodized pen design.

Diplomat Esteem

The Diplomat Esteem pens are sleek, elegant with a smart, contemporary style. The German-made Esteem pen collection provides luxury at an astounding value. Explore our Diplomat Esteem foutnain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens below.

Diplomat Pen is an extraordinary pen company. Diplomat Pens was establish in 1922.  They offer the following pen models: Diplomat, Spacetec, and Magnum.

Diplomat Excellence A2

Diplomat Excellence A2 pens are high quality, timeless pieces. Available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pen modes.

Diplomat Excellence A Plus

Diplomat enhances the Excellence A series, a hallmark of Diplomat Pens, known for its quality akin to the Diplomat Traveller Ballpoint Pens, with a superior version: the Excellence A Plus.

Diplomat Magnum

German-made, ergonomic grip fountain pens with a superior stainless steel nib in an array of colors, similar to the Diplomat Aero Rollerball Pens Diplomat Rollerball Pens and the Diplomat Traveller Pens known for their distinctive style and writing comfort.

Diplomat Nexus

Nexus combines the best of yesterday and tomorrow. To celebrate the brand's 100th anniversary.

Diplomat Traveller

The Diplomat Traveller is a slim, elegant, and stylish pen, much like the Diplomat Aero Ballpoint Pens known for their sleek design. Its small size makes it perfect for everyday use, or those with smaller hands. We offer the Diplomat Traveller fountain pen and ballpoint pen.

Diplomat Pen Refills and Accessories

Outfit your Diplomat writing instrument with these premium pen accessories and refills.