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The Laban Pens Corporation was founded in 1981, John Hu partnered with his brother Charles to build a manufacturing plant with the goal of producing the highest quality fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens. From there, the laban fountain pens blew up across the world, finding homes in many collector's homes. They produced the Laban Skeleton Fountain Pen and the classic Laban 325, and became engraved in the fountain pen community.

Laban 300 Series

The Laban 300 series uses high-quality acrylic resins and brass. These pens are sure to make a statement and impress. 

Laban 325

Understated simplicity makes the Laban 325 fountain pen collection enduring for years to come. Available in fountain pen, rollerball pen, and ballpoint pen modes.

Laban 925 Sterling Silver

Laban 925 Sterling Silver pens use precious metals and have a classic look. Available in fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball pen modes.

Laban Abalone

The Laban Abalone Collection has Abalone that comes from New Zealand. These beautiful pens are available in fountain and rollerball pen modes.

Laban Antique

Vintage, stone-washed feel with a classic pen shape design. The metal-bodied Antique collection has a weighted feel with a wabi-sabi visual appeal.  Laban Antique fountain pens and pens are perfect for a variety of collectors and writers.

Laban Canyon

The Laban Canyon collection rememberers the American West with colors inspired by natural designs. These writing instruments are turned in Italian resins and polished to a high screen in rich flecked colors. Each pen is adorned with a sleek ball clip and gold-plated cap band.

Laban Celebration

Laban Celebration pens are made of swirled resin, making each of them unique and beautiful. Available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pen modes.

Laban Expression

Perfect for those with smaller hands, the Laban Expression is sure to help you express yourself with its wide variety of colors. Available in fountain and ballpoint pen modes.

Laban Flora

Flowing sleek-soft lines shows the graceful floral forms of Art Nouveau.

Laban Formosa

Inspired by Taiwan's northeast coast. Laban pays homage to the mountains and seas with this collection.

Laban Formula

Laban Formula pens are unique with their resin barrels topped by a beautiful two-tone overlay. Available in fountain pen and rollerball pen.

Laban Fountain Pen Ink

Laban's collection of 50ml bottled fountain pen ink takes on the theme of Greek Mythology.

Laban Galileo

Laban Galileo pens have a beautiful body made of resin with a metal overlay, creating a unique, classy design. Available in fountain and rollerball pen modes.

Laban Genghis Khan

The Laban Genghis Khan pen stands behind its durability and value making this pen is the perfect writing companion. Available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pen modes.

Laban Gloria

Carefully engraved with a rippling guilloche pattern, the brass-bodied Laban Gloria has a 3-dimensional texture with five layers of translucent lacquer.

Laban Gold and Rose Gold

Laban Gold and Rose Gold pens are classy and timeless, with simple patterns, making them the perfect gift. Available in fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball pen modes.

Laban Grecian

Laban Grecian pens are beautiful with a marbled pattern and smooth, round body to enhance comfort.  Available in fountain and rollerball pen modes.

Laban Kaiser

The Laban Kaiser pen has a large body that ensures both comfort and durability. Available in fountain and rollerball pen modes.

Laban Labrados

The Laban Labrados collection is classic with its colors. The black pen is designed with a gold overlay of leaves and grapes. Available in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pen modes.d

Laban Mento

Laban Mento pens are multicolored with a wide range of inspiration. For those who like larger pens, this is the one for you. Available in fountain and rollerball pen modes.

Laban Pen Cases

Carry your fine writing instrument in luxury with Laban's quality pen cases.

Laban Rosa

Laban Rosa fountain pen and rollerball pen collection has a fresh look with its small size and vivid color. The lightweight and good balance make it the best choice for first time fountain pen user.

Laban Scepter

The beautiful Scepter fountain and rollerball pens are available in a variety of marble color combinations. Durability and life in this pen will not disappoint as it lives up to Laban standard.

Laban Solar

Laban presents the modern and industrial style of the Solar collection -writing instruments with an aluminum base and a unique texture. Fountain and rollerball pen modes available.

Laban Taroko

The Laban Taroko fountain pen collection has an antique and elegant look. Available in a beautiful variety of colors, these resin designs and trims are impressive.

Laban Accessories

Store your ink in pens in an assortment of display desk accessories from Laban