Glass Dip Pens

The simplicity of a dip pen allows you to put the tip into a bottle of ink and begin writing.  Washing the nib is easy with a quick flush of water.  Perfect for trying different inks.  Explore our glass dip pens for writing.

J. Herbin Straight Glass Pen in Bleu Calanque
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J. Herbin Straight Glass Pen in Vert Pre
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J. Herbin Glass Pen Gift Set
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J. Herbin Glass Pen Gift Set

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A fusion of elegance and functionality, the glass dip pen is a romantic and beautiful writing instrument. Goldspot Pens offers an exquisite collection of handmade glass ink pens to enhance your writing and calligraphy journey. With a delicate design and unique nib, glass fountain pens bridge traditional artistry with modern expression.

Discover the Elegance of Handmade Glass Dip Pens

Handcrafting each glass dip pen involves a meticulous process that ensures superb quality and artistic elegance. Glass dip pens hold ink in a small set of grooves in the dib nib for a nice follow of ink from tip to paper. This is a valuable pen for writing, drawing and endless artistic projects that require a variety of ink colors. These luminous glass pens exude personality and centuries-old craftsmanship.

Why Choose a Handmade Glass Dip Pen for Your Writing

When you opt for a glass dip pen, you’re embarking on the most versatile writing experience possible. Unlike traditional fountain pens, glass pens don’t have an internal reservoir. Instead, thin grooves hold the ink within the nib. This means you can easily switch to a new ink on the dip nib as often as you like. Many writers use an ink well to regularly change their ink for glass dip pens. Write by dipping and open up a brand new world of crystal elegance for your creative expression.

The Featured Glass Dip Pens Collection

Product Name



J. Herbin Glass Dip Pen in Green Tapered Spiral Handle with Frosted Glass

A green glass dip pen with a tapered spiral handle and frosted glass finish.


J. Herbin La Perle des Encres Wooden Box Set in Vintage with Violet Ink

A vintage wooden box set featuring a glass dip pen and violet ink.


J. Herbin History of Writing Belle Epoque Writing Set

A writing set inspired by the Belle Epoque era, including a glass dip pen.

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Kaweco Special Al Dip Pen in Black Matte - Flexible Point

A black matte dip pen with a flexible point from Kaweco.


J. Herbin Dip Pen History of Writing 19th Century Student Writing Set

A 19th-century-themed writing set with a glass dip pen.


J. Herbin Glass Dip Pen in Amber Tapered Spiral Handle with Frosted Glass

An amber-colored glass dip pen with a tapered spiral handle.


Pilot Iro-Utsushi Dip Pen in Black - Fine Point

A fine-point dip pen in black from Pilot.


J. Herbin History of Writing Chinese Calligraphy Writing Set

A set designed for Chinese calligraphy, including a glass dip pen.


Pilot Iro-Utsushi Dip Pen in Blue - Medium Point

A medium-point dip pen in blue from Pilot.


Pilot Iro-Utsushi Dip Pen in Black Wooden

A black wooden dip pen from Pilot.


The Versatility of Glass Dip Pens in Calligraphy

A glass pen and ink is perfect for the modern and traditional styles that will enhance your writing experience. Highly versatile, you can try all kinds of calligraphy with glass dip pens. A glass calligraphy dip pen is best suited for thinner inks due to their unique metal nibs. Because the thin grooves don’t allow thicker ink to flow smoothly, be sure to use calligraphy ink. If you want novelty and creativity in one, glass pen calligraphy is an artistically rewarding hobby to explore.

Calligraphy Beginners: Start Your Journey with a Glass Dip Pen

If you’re just setting foot in the calligraphy world, begin writing with a glass dip pen. It’s the perfect pen for writing, drawing and to capture your thoughts anytime throughout the day. Be sure to remove excess ink with a cloth and don’t apply excessive pressure. Experiment with different ink as you write by easily changing out the glass tip. With glass dip pen calligraphy, the creative possibilities are endless.

Glass Dip Pen Sets: Perfect Gifts for Writers and Artists

Glass Dip Pen Gift Sets: A Thoughtful Present for Creative Minds

Shopping for the budding artist in your life? A glass dip pen gift set makes a thoughtful and beautiful present. These sets, often including a pen ink and inkwell, are ideal for anyone who lives life in full color. Whether for a birthday or holiday, an art glass pen or dip pen for drawing is a memorable choice.

Pen Gift Set with Inks: A Complete Package for Aspiring Calligraphers

Our pen gift set with inks offers aspiring calligraphers everything they need to begin writing. The 12-ink variety in these sets allows for endless creativity, and the glass holder ensures that your pen is always displayed in style.

Explore Our Collection of Glass Dip Pens and Ink Sets

Dip Pens and Ink Set: A Match Made in Heaven for Artists

This combination from Goldspot Pens is a match made in heaven for artists and writers. The crystal glass pen and our vibrant inks open the door to artistic freedom. Buy as a gift or keep for yourself for endless glass pen art.

12 Inks Variety: Unleash Your Creativity with Colorful Choices

An ink calligraphy pen offers a rainbow of possibilities on paper. From olive green to Caribbean blue, there is a bottle of ink for every mood. Whether glass pen drawing or writing gift cards, these inks paired with our glass dip pens are a creative dream.

Enhancing Your Writing Experience with Quality Pen Accessories

Glass Pen Holders: An Elegant Resting Place for Your Pen

The perfect glass holder ensures your calligraphy pen is always within reach. More than just a resting place, it is a space dedicated to protecting and displaying your glass dip pen. From vintage glass to modern materials, the right holder just adds to the elegance.

Pen and Ink Sets: The Perfect Companions for Your Glass Dip Pen

At Goldspot Pens, we carefully curate our pen and ink sets to complement your glass dip pen. With ink that hugs the nib and a pen holder that adds a touch of elegance, these sets are a must-have for any writer or calligrapher at heart.

The Joy of Writing with a Glass Dip Pen

Glass Dipping: A Timeless Technique for Beautiful Writing

Glass dipping is a classic writing technique. The click of the tip in the inkwell, the shine of the ink on the nib, and the crystal signature across the page is like a writing meditation. Whether you are drawing decoration on an art piece or practicing calligraphy letters, glass pens are quiet companions ensuring a continuous ink flow.

Pen for Writing and Drawing: Versatility at Its Best

Enjoy the best of both worlds with glass dip pens that can be used for writing or drawing. Small yet deep grooves hold the ink, allowing impressive versatility across strokes. From fine lines to bold strokes, glass dip pens find have a home in every writer’s collection.

Why Choose a Glass Dip Pen for Calligraphy and Art

Glass Calligraphy Pens: Combining Tradition with Modern Flair

Glass calligraphy pens bring the history of calligraphy into modern day. With their crystal dip pen design, they are ideal for those who appreciate the art of calligraphy and seek to bring a contemporary touch to their work.

Drawing Calligraphy: Bringing Art to Life with Glass Dip Pens

Calligraphy lettering makes words come alive. The glass calligraphy pen's one-point and groove design allows precise control, making it an excellent tool for artists and calligraphers.

The Craftsmanship Behind Our Glass Dip Pens

Borosilicate Glass: The Secret to Durable and Elegant Pens

Here’s the hidden ingredient behind the durable elegance of each glass writing pen we sell. The structure of Borosilicate glass is strong, ensures a robust construction that lasts, and gives our glass pens their distinctive look.

The Making of a Crystal Glass Pen: A Journey of Craftsmanship

Creating a crystal glass pen comes down to meticulous handcrafting. Each pen is a testament to the skill and dedication of their master artisans, making dip pen glass unique works of art.

Buy Your Glass Dip Pens at Goldspot Pens

Explore our collection of glass dip pens and find the writing instrument that will enhance your personal style. Whether you are a seasoned calligrapher or a budding artist, our calligraphy glass dip pens are designed with you in mind. Shop the website and discover the novelty and the beauty of glass dip pens for all your creative endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Handcrafted Glass Calligraphy Pens different from regular pens?

It all comes down to their artistic value. Each glass calligraphy pen is handcrafted by artisans, so you can guarantee that each one is unique. The hand-blown glass nibs provide a distinct writing experience, gliding smoothly across the paper and easily interchanged. These pens are often collectible art pieces due to their aesthetic value.

Are Decorative Glass Pen Sets suitable for beginners in calligraphy?

Decorative Glass Pen Sets are perfect for calligraphy beginners. They include a pen, inks, and often a pen holder. The glass pen's smooth writing helps beginners practice strokes and develop their style. Their visual appeal excites and motivates new artists.

What are the benefits of using Glass Dip Pen Inks?

Glass Dip Pen Inks are formulated especially for glass dip pens. They are more fluid and less viscous than thicker inks, allowing smoother flow and easier absorption by the nib. This leads to consistent ink distribution and the ability to easily remove any excess ink. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors.

What should I look for in Vintage Style Glass Pens?

In vintage-style glass pens, look for craftsmanship and authentic design above all else. Quality glass and smooth nibs that replicate historical styles are important. Use compatible inks and note that some vintage glass pens are difficult to clean completely, dependent on design.

What makes a Glass Pen Gift an ideal present?

Glass Pen Gift Sets are beautiful, decorative, and functional! Our gift sets include a glass dip pen, inks, and often accessories. They are perfect presents for calligraphy lovers or fine writing enthusiasts, with a penchant for making anyone feel special.