Fountain Pen Nibs

Find your fountain pen replacement nibs and nibs for fountain pens and calligraphy pens from all major brand name pen makers.  We famously store Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen nibs.  We have Parker Sonnet replacement nibs, Pineider, and Cross fountain pen nibs.
Cross Townsend Replacement Nib - 18K Gold Plated
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Cross Townsend Replacement Nib - Stainless Steel
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What Are Fountain Pen Nibs and How Do They Work?

Fountain pen nibs are the heart of the writing experience. These tiny iridium-tipped metal points (usually made from stainless steel or gold) deliver ink from the pen's reservoir to the paper with a controlled flow. A narrow slit runs down the center of the nib, regulating ink release. As you write, the nib applies gentle pressure, separating slightly to allow ink to flow smoothly through the slit. This combination of capillary action and gravity creates a consistent line on the paper.

How Long Do Fountain Pen Nibs Last?

The lifespan of a fountain pen nib depends on its quality, usage frequency, and maintenance. High-quality nibs can last a lifetime with proper care. Regular cleaning and correct storage prevent damage, ensuring a long-lasting, enjoyable writing experience.

How Do I Choose a Fountain Pen Nib?

The perfect fountain pen nib unlocks an enjoyable and personalized writing experience. To find your ideal nib, consider these key factors that match your writing style and needs.

Fountain Pen Nib Sizes

Fountain pen nibs come in various sizes, each suited to different writing styles. Extra-Fine (EF) nibs are perfect for precise, detailed writing and smaller handwriting. Fine (F) nibs are ideal for general writing with a balance of smoothness and detail. Medium (M) nibs provide a bolder, smoother line for everyday writing. Broad (B) nibs are great for expressive, thicker lines, often used for signatures.

Types of Fountain Pen Nibs

Different types of nibs offer unique writing experiences. Standard nibs are commonly found in extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad sizes, suitable for most writing needs. Flex nibs are designed to spread more when pressure is applied, creating line variation and an expressive writing style, perfect for calligraphy. Stub nibs have a flat, broad tip that creates thick downstrokes and thin horizontal strokes, ideal for decorative writing. Italic nibs are similar to stub nibs but with sharper edges, producing crisp, calligraphic lines.

Best Fountain Pen Nibs

If you’re hunting for the crème de la crème of fountain pen nibs, look no further! Some brands are renowned for their exceptional nib quality, offering an unparalleled writing experience. Dive into the world of these top-notch brands and discover the perfect nib to elevate your penmanship. Pilot offers smooth, reliable nibs, especially in the Vanishing Point and Custom series. Lamy provides durable, affordable nibs with consistent performance, found in models like the Lamy 2000. Sailor is known for precision-crafted nibs, particularly in the Professional Gear and 1911 series. Pelikan features high-quality gold nibs, especially in the Souverän series. Platinum offers a smooth writing experience, notable in the #3776 series.