Monteverde Jowo #6 Replacement Fountain Pen Nibs in Black Stainless Steel

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Manufactured by Jowo (Germany) and branded with the Monteverde logo, this stainless steel, #6 nib unit includes the feed and the screw-in housing. For compatible pens that also have a screw-in Jowo housing, you can simply swap the nib by unscrewing the nib unit from the section and screwing in this replacement nib. For other #6 compatible nibs without a removable housing, the nib and feed can be removed by pulling them from the friction fit housing unit.

Monteverde Replacement Fountain Pen Nib Unit Specifications

  • Nib Material: Stainless steel nib, plastic feed, plastic threaded nib housing
  • Black-finished style to match with pens that use a black-plated or ruthenium trims.
  • #6 size nib fits most Jowo #6 nib compatible pens.
  • Nib unit only.
  • Manufactured by Jowo (Germany)