All Edison Pens

All Edison pens are produced by hand (in the USA) with exceptional craftsmanship that is well-known by pen enthusiasts across the country.  The Edison Pen Company's Edison fountain pens are renowned by pen experts

Edison Brand Overview | Edison Product Guarantee

Edison Beaumont

Part of Edison's production line, the Edison Beaumont is known for its comfortable writing experience and its beautiful expression of color. Available in fountain pen.

Edison Collier

The Collier is part of Edison's production line. The colorful acrylic resin barrels make this pen's design so special.

Edison Menlo

Made in the USA from rods of vibrant acrylic, the cartridge/converter-fill Edison Menlo fountain pen looks and feels superb.

Edison Newark

Named after the city where Thomas Edison's first laboratory was based, the Newark pen collection is made in the USA from solid acrylic and exclusive to Goldspot Pens.

Forbes Magazine highlighted the Newark Collection of pens in September of 2020.

Edison Pearlette

The sleek body and rounded edges of the Edison Pearlette make it very comfortable to write with and pleasant to look at.  Available in fountain pen mode.

Edison Replacement Nibs

Edison replacement nibs for your fountain pen. Available in a variety of metals in extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad points. Edison nibs are renowned for the premium quality of their fountain pen nibs from the metal, nib engraving, to the writing.