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The infamous million dollar pen that writes upside down, underwater and even in hot and cold temperatures due to a pressurized refill. In fact, it's still used on every manned space flight.

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Fisher Space Bullet

The design of this travel-friendly ballpoint pen is art. It has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art for years and continues to hold its beautiful, timeless style.

Fisher Space Cap-O-Matic

One of the most reliable writing instruments, the Fisher Space Cap-O-Matic ballpoint pen is able to write under all conditions- underwater, upside down, zero-gravity, and more.

Fisher Space Infinium

The Fisher Space Infinium ballpoint pen is both stylish and reliable. This pen writes for so long, the ink will not rin out withing one's lifetime. Available in only ballpoint pen.

Fisher Space Specialty

An amazing collection of Fisher Space products. Amazing pens available in a variety of colors.

Fisher Space Stowaway

The Fisher Space Stowaway pen has a compact design, making it perfect for traveling or anything on-the-go. Available in ballpoint pen.

Fisher Space Tec Touch

The Fisher Space Tec Touch is the perfect ballpoint pen-stylus pen duo. Ballpoint on one side and the stylus on the other, this pen makes it easy to use both instruments.

Fisher Space Tough Touch

A great pen- stylus duo, the Fisher Space Tough Touch pen is the perfect petite size for on-the-go. Available in ballpoint pen, stylus comination.

Fisher Space X-750

The Fisher Space X-750 is a comfortable, sleek, and small pen perfect for on the go. Avaolable in only ballpoint pen.

Fisher Space X-Mark

The Fisher Space X-Mark ballpoint pen is the ultimate sports pen, perfect for any and all adventures you go on and need a reliable pen by your side (or in your pocket).