All Leonardo Officina Italiana Pens

A fine art passed down from one generation to the next, the father-and-son duo behind Leonardo Officina Italiana has 40 years of experience crafting writing instruments.

Leonardo Officina Furore

Inspired by a magic place where land and sea meet, the acrylic resins of the Leonardo Officina Furore collection are hand-made in lustrous colors. Available in fountain and rollerball pen modes. 

Leonardo Officina Furore Grande

After numerous requests received from the world market, Leonardo Officina decided to introduce the larger Furore Grande with a classic, internal piston mechanism (capacity 1.5ml), handmade ebonite feed with stainless steel or 14kt gold nibs options.

Leonardo Officina Limited Editions

Collect all the precious Leonardo Officina Italiana limited edition fountain pens manufactured by hand from Italy.

Leonardo Officina Messenger

The 2020 limited edition Messenger fountain pen is a testament to the emotional connection that comes from handwritten communication. Crafted from swirling, translucent acrylic resin. Cartridge/converter fountain pen with steel, Jowo #6 size nibs.

Leonardo Officina Momento Magico

Similar in design to the Momento Zero, only with a detachable piston mechanism design with a 1.5ml capacity and a large ink window. Piston removal tool available separately.

Leonardo Officina Momento Zero

Leonardo Officina Momento Zero pens are hand-turned from a solid bar of resin.  Available in fountain and rollerball pen modes.

Leonardo Officina Momento Zero Grande

For discerning writers who prefer an oversized fountain pen, the Momento Zero Grande provides ample size and performance to match.

Leonardo Officina Mosaico

A new take on the Italian "spaghetti" resin, the Mosaico's grand profile is a beautiful mosaic of pearlescent color. This piston-fill fountain pen is equipped with stainless steel or a 14kt gold nib option.


Leonardo Officina Pura

The Pura is a 2021 fountain pen collection within the Momento Zero Grande design that features an oversized profile with a 1.5ml piston-filling mechanism, ebonite feed, and either stainless steel or 14kt gold nib options.

Leonardo Officina Accessories

Replacement Nibs, Bottled Inks, and Pen Cases made in Italy with fine attention to detail.