All Diamine Inks

A wide range of beautiful Diamine inks and Diamine ink cartridges in a variety of sizes.

Diamine Brand Overview | Diamine Ink Quality

Diamine Cartridges

Diamine brand ink cartridges for fountain pens. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Diamine Guitar Bottled Ink

Diamine Guitar Bottled Inks is a collection of ink colors inspired by famous guitar colors. Available in multiple sizes.

Diamine Inkvent Blue Edition Bottled Inks

Get in the spirit of the season all year long with these 25 special edition inks in 50ml glass bottles.

Diamine Shimmer Bottled Ink

Diamine brand inks with a shimmer property to make your work shine extra bright.

Diamine 150th Anniversary Bottled ink

Celebrating 150 years of Diamine products, the 150th Anniversary collection is in triangular, wedge-shaped bottles that form a wheel once 8 bottles are set together.