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Although our lives are rapidly becoming more digital, most of us have experience writing with a pen. That might be limited to learning letters in primary school, filling out paperwork at the DMV, or signing receipts. Chances are, most won't be able to tell the difference between a ballpoint and a rollerball, or why that would even matter.

For writers looking to expand their knowledge, the Fine Pen Academy is a section of the Goldspot Pens website rich with helpful articles about ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and mechanical pencils. For fountain pens, we dedicated an entire section called Fountain Pen University.

To get started, here's a video on our top ballpoint pens. 

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Who invented the ballpoint pen?

How did the "Biro" get it's name? How did the Bic get its nickname?

Read the short history of the ballpoint pen here

How does a ballpoint pen work?

See the magic of the ballpoint pen's clever design in action.

See how a ballpoint pen works.

Ballpoint vs. Rollerball Pens

How does a rollerball pen differ from a ballpoint? We compare the differences between writing modes.

See the differences between ballpoint and rollerball pens here.

What's the difference between fountain and ballpoint pens

Fountain pens were the original, ink-delivering writing instrument. See how ballpoints evolved from their predecessors.

Find the differences between fountain and ballpoint pens here.

How to get a ballpoint pen to work

Troubleshoot a problematic ballpoint pen with this handy guide.

Get a ballpoint pen to start writing again.

What sizes do ballpoint pens come in?

Find the ideal tip size for your writing needs.

See all ballpoint pen tip sizes here.

How artists use ballpoint pens

Pens are used for more than just writing.

Find creative uses for ballpoint pens here.

What are gel pens and how do they work?

Find out how a gel ink pen differs from a ballpoint pen.

See how a gel pen works here.

Mechanical pencil lead sizes & lead types

Find the ideal grade and lead diameter for your mechanical pencil.

Explore the various types of pencil leads here.

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