Ferris Wheel Press Ink

Ferris Wheel Press ink is a newcomer on the fountain pen scene, but they have proven themselves with their extraordinary bottled fountain pen inks.  Ferris wheel inks are magical, often inspired by fairy tales and folk stories.

Browse their many writing inks for sale, from calligraphy inks to premium bottled fountain pen inks.  With their many pen ink collaborations, it's hard not to find a bottle of ink you love.

Ferris Wheel Press Bottled Ink in Poison Envy - 20 mL
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Ferris Wheel Press Ink Charger Set - Woven Warmth Collection
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ferris Wheel Press?

Ferris Wheel Press is a fountain pen ink brand that's becoming a rising star in the world of writing instruments, bottled ink and stationery. It is known for its high-quality writing inks for fountain pens.

Ferris Wheel Press has made a name for themselves with their vibrant creative fountain pen ink. They have made creative inks including famous fairy tales (the FerriTales pen ink collection) and everyday bottled fountain pen inks in colors like orange (Hearty Harvest), red (Cabernet on the Lake), pink, green, blue and more!

Ferris Wheel Press originally made their debut in 2018 through Kickstarter.com where 1107 backers like you and I pledged $165,701 to make Ferris Wheel a reality. Since then, they have perfected their fountain pen and calligraphy inks with premium quality ink bottles made for writers, artists, and pen collectors.

What Are The Most Popular Ferris Wheel Press Inks?

The highest selling (best-sellers) for Ferris Wheel inks include the Poison Envy fountain pen ink and their Once Upon a Time bottled inks. Since the brand is still new to Goldspot, we still don't know which writing inks are the favorite for our customers and would love to hear your thoughts and reviews for Ferris Wheel Press!

Where Are Ferris Wheel Press Inks Made?

Ferris Wheel Press is a statinary company from Canada. It isn't public information where they are made, but they are likely produced in Canada.

What Are The Features and Ink Properties of Ferris Wheel Press Writing Inks?

Ferris Wheel Press' writing inks are known for their vibrant and diverse range of colors, as seen in Ferris Wheel Press ink swatches. They offer a smooth writing experience, especially when used with fountain pens or calligraphy pens. They are compatible with fountain pens and often have quick drying times, so your writing doesn't smudge. Moreover, many of their inks are water-resistant, making them durable for various applications. The pigmentation is rich, providing depth to the writing, and the inks are formulated to be gentle on nibs, ensuring longevity for your writing instruments. Whether you're into calligraphy or just love writing, their inks cater to all needs.

What Warranty and Return Policies Are There for Ferris Wheel Press?

Ferris Wheel Press does not have a warranty, but you can view it's return policy here: https://ferriswheelpress.com/pages/return-policy