Kaweco belongs to one of the oldest brands on the market. For more than 125 years Kaweco pens are an integral part of the High-Class assortments. Explore our collection of Kaweco fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and bottled ink.

Kaweco Brand Overview and Quality

Kaweco is synonymous with quality hexagonal fountain pens, mechanical pencils, rollerballs, and ballpoint pens. Founded in 1883, Kaweco fountain pens have insistently focused on the thin line between tradition and innovation. Most of Kaweco's high-class assortments feature a unique octagonal shape.

Kaweco motivation: "The inner fire makes the outward subservient." (Oswald Spengler)

This is the guiding principle for all KAWECOs employees when getting down to work on your writing tool.
On top of the writing tool this fire makes your KAWECO a symbol of perfection, elegance and freedom.

Where Are Kaweco Pens Made?

Kaweco is a German brand of writing instruments. They are famous for their pocket fountain pens. Kaweco pens are made in a Heidelberg pen factory.

Kaweco Ink Cartridge or Fountain Pen Converter?

Most Kaweco pens come with ink cartridges rather than a converter, but many fountain pens from Kaweco have the option to use a Standard Kaweco converter with the pen. Kaweco uses KW16071 ink cartridges.

Who Makes Kaweco Pens?

The Grube Family. They bought the Kaweco brand in 1930.

Are Kaweco Pens Worth It?

Kaweco pens are high quality pens which are worth the investment. When you purchase a Kaweco pen, you can rest assured the pen will last and continue writing well without the issues you will encounter with a cheap, lower quality pen.

Kaweco Mini Piston Converter for Kaweco Sport Series
  • $6.00


Kaweco Sport Clip in Chrome
  • $3.00


Kaweco Collector's Sport Fountain Pen in Iridescent Pearl
  • $27.00


Kaweco Sport Transparent Fountain Pen in Ultimate Gray with Silver Trim
  • $27.00


Kaweco Deluxe Slide-on Clip in Gold
  • $6.00


Kaweco Deluxe Slide-on Clip in Chrome
  • $6.00


Kaweco Ink Cartridges in Paradise Blue - Pack of 6
  • $3.00


Kaweco Ink Cartridges in Pearl Black - Pack of 6
  • $3.00


Kaweco Sport Transparent Fountain Pen in Ultimate Gray with Gold Trim
  • $27.00


Kaweco Sport Clip in Gold
  • $3.00


Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen - Lavender Collector's Edition
  • $27.00


Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen in Black Crystal
  • $70.00