J. Herbin Ink

J. Herbin Ink is the oldest name in ink production in the world. J. Herbin was a sailor, familiar with the ink used aboard ships. The wet conditions on a sailing ship required an ink that was waterproof. His first ink produced was Encre des Vaisseaux meaning "The Ink of Ships".

Frequently Asked Questions

What is J. Herbin Ink Known For?

J. Herbin Ink is celebrated as the oldest brand in fountain pen inks, with a history dating back to the 17th century. They specialize in a variety of ink products, including vibrant fountain pen inks, scented inks, and India ink. Their 1670 Ink Collection and scented fountain pen inks are particularly renowned with pen collectors.

What Are the Unique Features of J. Herbin Fountain Pen Inks?

J. Herbin's fountain pen inks are known for their wide range of vibrant colors and unique properties beloved by writers and artists. There are many features J. Herbin inks are known for, including the following properties:

  • Vibrant Color Palette: J. Herbin offers an extensive range of colors, from classic hues to exotic and vibrant shades. Each color is carefully formulated to provide a rich and consistent ink flow for a smooth and colorful writing experience.

  • Shimmering Fountain Pen Inks: A signature feature of J. Herbin is their 1670 Ink Collection, which includes inks with shimmering gold or silver flecks. These inks, such as Rouge Hematite and Emeraude de Chivor, add a sparkling effect to your writing, making them perfect for special occasions and artistic projects.

  • Scented Inks: J. Herbin's scented inks are a unique offering in the fountain pen ink world. These bottled inks, available in fragrances like rose, lavender, and apple, add a sensory dimension to the writing experience. The scents are subtle yet noticeable, making writing even more enjoyable.

  • Historical and Artistic Heritage: J. Herbin inks have a rich history dating back to the 17th century. This heritage is reflected in their commitment to traditional ink-making techniques, ensuring high-quality and historically authentic products.

  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: The brand places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. Their inks are non-toxic, pH-neutral, and water-based, making them safe for use in all types of fountain pens and friendly to the environment.

  • Special Editions and Collaborations: J. Herbin often releases special edition inks and collaborates with artists and writers, bringing unique and limited-edition colors to the market. These editions are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

  • Versatility: Beyond fountain pens, many of J. Herbin's inks are suitable for use with brushes and dip pens, making them a favorite among calligraphers and illustrators.

  • Quality and Consistency: Known for their excellent flow, smoothness, and quick drying times, J. Herbin inks provide a reliable and high-quality writing experience. They are work on a variety of papers, reducing feathering and ink bleed-through.

J. Herbin fountain pen inks are celebrated for their vibrant colors, unique shimmering and scented properties, historical significance, eco-friendliness, and versatility. These features make them a top choice for fountain pen users, calligraphers, and artists alike.

What Colors Are Available in J. Herbin's Ink Range?

Their ink range boasts 33 colors, including notable shades like Rouge Hematite, Bleu Ocean, Stormy Grey, and Violette Pensee. Poussiere De Lune (Moon Dust) is another popular shade, offering a unique color experience.

What is the History of J. Herbin's Ink?

J. Herbin's ink boasts a rich and storied history, deeply rooted in the world of writing and calligraphy, dating back to the 17th century.

J. Herbin began in 1670 in the heart of Paris. Jacques Herbin, a seasoned sailor fresh from his voyages to India, embarked ona new journey, establishing a small workshop. It was there that Jacques Herbin crafted sealing wax, inks, and other writing instruments.

J. Herbin caught the attention of the Parisian society and eventually earned the patronage of French royality. Kings and emperors, including Louis XIV and Napoleon Bonaparte. This elevated J. Herbin to a luxury brand with prestige and distiction. A royal endorsement. This was a testament to the craftsmanship that defines J. Herbin even today.

J. Herbin has not only survived, but thrived amidst the tides of history. The famous ink brand witnessed the tumult of the French Revolution and the transformative era of the industrial revolution, while maintaining it's craftmanship and love of premium fountain pen ink. It maintained its traditional techniques while adapting to the demands of the modern world.

J. Herbin stands as a global recognition of high-quality inks and writing accessories.The brand has seamlessly blended its rich heritage with contemporary trends, maintaining its commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Its legacy is not just in its longevity but in its relentless pursuit of quality and innovation, a pursuit that has seen the incorporation of varied colors and scents into their inks.

J. Herbin's impact stretches beyond the commercial sphere into the cultural realm. The brand has been an integral part of literary and artistic history, with its inks gracing the pages of manuscripts and artworks by renowned writers, poets, and artists over the centuries. The story of J. Herbin is not just a chronicle of a brand; it's a narrative of enduring appeal and timeless elegance in the world of writing and calligraphy. From its royal beginnings to its current global acclaim, J. Herbin remains a symbol of excellence, a testament to the timeless allure of the written word.


How Does J. Herbin Ink Enhance the Writing Experience Compared to Other Brands?

J. Herbin inks stand out in the world of writing instruments for their unique blend of history, quality, and innovation. Unlike other brands, J. Herbin has perfected its craft over centuries, offering a rich heritage and reliability that is evident in every bottle of ink. Their inks are known for their exceptional ink flow characteristics, ensuring a smooth writing experience that is both consistent and enjoyable.

The vibrant color palette is unlike other brands. Each hue is carefully crafted to provide depth and luminosity, making your writing not just legible but artistically expressive. Whether you're using a fountain pen for calligraphy or everyday writing, these inks add a touch of elegance and personality to your work.

J. Herbin inks are water-based, making them safe and easy to use in a variety of pens. This compatibility, combined with their non-toxic formulation, appeals to environmentally conscious consumers and those concerned about the longevity and care of their writing instruments.

J. Herbin also offers unique thematic collections, like the "1670" series, which includes shimmering particles that add a luxurious and festive touch to your writing. This innovative approach to ink formulation sets J. Herbin apart, providing a writing experience that is not just about the act of writing, but about creating something visually stunning and deeply personal.

J. Herbin inks enhance the writing experience by combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, offering a product that is both a joy to use and a feast for the eyes.