Esterbrook Pens

Established in 1858, Esterbrook pens was reborn in 2018 with a dedication to the modern writer and reverence to the past. Explore our collection of Esterbrook fountain pens for sale in various colors and models including the Esterbrook Estie.  We store premium esterbrook ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and even Esterbrook Pen Cases too!

Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Cobalt Blue - 50mL

Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Cobalt Blue - 50mL

$27.00 $30.00


Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Evergreen - 50mL

Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Evergreen - 50mL

$27.00 $30.00


Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Scarlet - 50mL

Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Scarlet - 50mL

$29.95 $36.00


Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Shimmer Aqua - 50mL

Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Shimmer Aqua - 50mL

$31.50 $35.00


Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Tangerine - 50mL

Esterbrook Bottled Ink in Tangerine - 50mL

$27.00 $30.00


Esterbrook Bee Page Holder

Esterbrook Bee Page Holder

$43.16 $47.95


Esterbrook Camden Fountain Pen in Silver
Esterbrook Camden Rollerball in Silver
Esterbrook Camden Rollerball in Rose
Esterbrook Single Pen Sleeve in British Tan
Out of stock -10%
Esterbrook Double Pen Nook Case in British Tan
Out of stock -10%
Esterbrook Triple Pen Nook Case in British Tan
Out of stock -10%
Esterbrook Six Pen Nook Case in British Tan
Out of stock -10%
Esterbrook Twelve Pen Nook Case in British Tan
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The Esterbrook Fountain Pen embodies a legacy of craftsmanship and elegance at Goldspot Pens. With a heritage dating back to 1858, Esterbrook has established itself as a true American original in fine writing. These pens are more than mere instruments; they are pieces of history, and each tells a story of tradition and innovation. At Goldspot Pens, we take pride in presenting an extensive collection of Esterbrook fountain pens. Each pen is a harmonious blend of classic design and modern functionality, reflecting the enduring spirit of the Esterbrook Pen Company.

The Esterbrook Estie Collection

Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pens: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The Esterbrook Estie series perfectly showcases how the brand has evolved while staying true to its roots. These fountain pens are renowned for their smooth writing experience due to their high-quality nibs. The Estie collection is a tribute to the storied history of Esterbrook by offering aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed pens.

The Esterbrook Estie Sparkle Series: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

The Esterbrook Estie Sparkle series stands out with its glittering finishes and elegant contours. These pens are not just writing tools but a statement of style that reflect the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Esterbrook is famous for. Each Estie Sparkle pen is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and quality.

Featured Esterbrook Fountain Pen Collection

Model Name

Nib Sizes Available

Special Features

Price Range

Esterbrook Estie

Fine, Medium, Broad

Classic design, various colors

$175.50 - $195.00

Esterbrook Camden

Fine, Medium

Modern design, available in Oktoberfest theme

$175.50 - $195.00

Esterbrook Estie Oversized

Broad, Stub Italic

Larger size, Sunflower Yellow with Gold Trim

$270.00 - $300.00

Esterbrook JR Pocket

Fine, Medium

Compact, portable, and available in multiple colors

$125.00 - $175.00

Esterbrook JR Paradise

Fine, Medium

Vibrant colors, Paradise theme

$125.00 - $175.00

Esterbrook Pen Cases


Protect and store your pens, various styles

$53.96 - $59.95

Explore Our Wide Range of Esterbrook Fountain Pens

Esterbrook JR Pocket Fountain Pens: Compact and Stylish

The Esterbrook JR Pocket series is ideal for those who prefer a more compact and portable option. These fountain pens are designed for convenience without compromising on the writing experience. The JR Pocket pen is a modern take on Esterbrook's vintage models and offers a nostalgic yet contemporary feel.

Esterbrook Oversized Fountain Pens: For Those Who Prefer a Bolder Statement

The Esterbrook Oversized fountain pens are for those who love a bolder writing instrument. These pens are more prominent in size and personality, offer a substantial feel in the hand, and make a statement with every stroke.

Shop the Latest Esterbrook Pen Models

Esterbrook Camden Series: A Modern Twist on Classic Design

The Esterbrook Camden series is where modern design meets traditional elegance. These pens are known for their sleek, contemporary look and are combined with the reliable performance that Esterbrook is known for. The Camden series is a perfect choice for the modern writer who appreciates the heritage of a classic brand.

The Gold Rush Collection: Esterbrook's Tribute to History

The Gold Rush Collection is a special series that pays homage to American history. These pens are not just writing instruments but a piece of American heritage. They each tell a story of the past with its unique design and finish.

Esterbrook Ink Options: Perfect Companions for Your Fountain Pen

Choose Your Color: A Variety of Ink Bottles for Every Style

At Goldspot Pens, we offer a wide range of Esterbrook ink bottles in various colors to match your style and preference. Whether you prefer classic black or vibrant hues, we have the perfect ink bottle for your Esterbrook pen.

Black, Blue, and Beyond: Finding Your Ideal Ink Shade

From deep blacks to rich blues and more, our collection of Esterbrook inks offers a spectrum of shades. Each bottle of ink is formulated to provide a smooth flow and vibrant color that will enhance your writing experience with every use.

Why Choose Esterbrook? The Best in Fountain Pen Craftsmanship

Esterbrook stands out in the fountain pen market for its long history of craftsmanship and quality. Each Esterbrook pen is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence by offering a writing experience that is both luxurious and reliable.

Shipping and Customer Service at Goldspot Pens

At Goldspot Pens, we understand the importance of quick, reliable shipping and exceptional customer service. We ensure that your Esterbrook pen reaches you in perfect condition and on time. Our customer service team is always ready to assist you with queries or needs.

Esterbrook's Special Editions: Sunflower, Paradise, and More

Esterbrook's special editions, like the Sunflower and Paradise series, are a collector's dream. Each limited edition pen is a work of art that reflects the unique history and artistry of the Esterbrook brand.

The Esterbrook Pen Experience: More Than Just Writing

Owning an Esterbrook pen is more than just owning a writing instrument; it's an experience. Each pen tells a story and connects you to the rich history and tradition of one of America's oldest pen companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Esterbrook nibs unique compared to other fountain pen brands?

Esterbrook nibs stand out for their exceptional quality and versatility. Each nib is precisely crafted, ensuring smooth and consistent ink flow. Historically, Esterbrook innovated using "Durachrome" (Iridium) in their nibs that enhanced durability and writing quality. Modern Esterbrook pens continue this tradition with various nib sizes and styles that cater to different writing preferences. These nibs are designed for a comfortable writing experience from quick notes and extended writing sessions.

How do I choose the right ink for my Esterbrook Fountain Pen?

Choosing the right ink for your Esterbrook Fountain Pen involves considering the ink's color, properties, and writing purpose. Esterbrook offers a range of ink options; each provides smooth flow and vibrant color. Classic colors like black or blue are ideal for professional settings, while creative writing may call for more vibrant hues. It's also important to consider properties like drying time and water resistance. Esterbrook inks are designed to complement their pens, ensuring compatibility and a high-quality writing experience.

What should I know about collecting vintage Esterbrook pens?

When collecting vintage Esterbrook pens, consider their historical significance and unique characteristics. Check the pen's condition, age, rarity, and historical significance.Models like the "J" series are sought after for their classic design, durability, and variety of nibs. It's advisable to buy from reputable dealers to ensure authenticity. Vintage Esterbrook pens are historical pieces and valuable collector's items.

Are there any special edition Esterbrook pens available?

Esterbrook offers special edition pens that are popular among collectors and enthusiasts. These editions, like the Sunflower and Paradise series, feature unique designs, limited runs, and particular themes. They are not just writing instruments but also collector's items with stories connected to Esterbrook's heritage. These pens are ideal for those who value artistry and functionality in high-quality fountain pens.

What are the options for Esterbrook pen collectors looking for accessories?

Esterbrook pen collectors have various accessory options to enhance their writing experience and maintain their pens. These include ink bottles in different colors, pen cases, and replacement nibs. Collectors can also find cleaning kits for fountain pen maintenance. Esterbrook offers limited edition accessories that match their special edition, which appeal to collectors seeking complete sets. These accessories serve practical purposes and add to the enjoyment of using and collecting Esterbrook pens.