Platinum Curidas

The convenience of a click action pen, a hallmark of the Platinum Preppy Pens series, combines with the fluid writing experience of a stainless steel nib, a characteristic feature of Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens and other Platinum Fountain Pens. The Platinum Curidas fountain pen, part of this series, has a transparent body to view the complex mechanism inside the pen. This fountain pen is retractable allowing the nib to come in or out of the pen.

Platinum Curidas FAQ

How to fill a Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen with a Cartridge

The Platinum Curidas belongs to a subset of fountain pens that have retractable nibs. The most famous being its Japanese counterpart, the Pilot Vanishing Point.

The Curidas is more intricate to refill. So, we included a link to our 1-minute, YouTube Short video to show you how to ink your Curidas fountain pen with a Platinum proprietary ink cartridge. Please be careful when opening the pen.

Be gentle with the spring and DO NOT remove the spring from the pen.

How to fill a Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen with a Converter

The Platinum Curidas retractable fountain pen can be filled using either Platinum's proprietary ink cartridge or converter (to fill using bottled inks). In this 1-minute YouTube short video, we demonstrate how to properly disassemble and reassemble the Platinum Curidas by using the slide lock mechanisms.
Please be careful when opening the pen. Do not take out the spring. Removal of the spring could lead to irreversible damage to the pen's retraction mechanism.

How do you remove the clip on the Platinum Curidas?

Some writers might object to the clip at the grip area of the Platinum Curidas fountain pen. While a pocket clip provides plenty of utility for this convenient, quick draw retractable pen, it can get be uncomfortable, depending on how you grip the pen.

To remove the clip, first find the clip removal tool underneath the platform of the pen's gift box.

Then, slide the plastic tool underneath the clip with the two prong-like protrusions faced toward the writing end of the pen.

Using strong finger pressure, press down on the top of the clip and on both sides of the clip removal tool to slide the clip piece downward. Once it has disengaged from the tabs on the pen body, it is free to be taken off the pen.

If you would like to add the clip back on, reverse the process using the clip removal tool.

First, attach the top of the clip to the anchor point toward the writing end of the pen. Attach the clasp of the clip and put the clip removal tool at the base with the prong-like protrusions faced toward the back-end (clicker end) of the pen.

Press upward to slide the clip toward the front, writing end of the pen until the clip is seated in place.

For illustrated instructions, please refer to the Platinum Curidas manual also included in the gift box.

Which nib sizes are available for the Platinum Curidas?

The Platinum Curidas writes with a stainless steel nib made by Platinum in Japan. They are available in extra-fine, fine, or medium nib widths. Platinum's Japanese nibs tend to write more narrowly than their European counterparts.
The design of the pen's nib pocket ensures the Curidas nib is kept fresh with ink between uses.