How to Find the Right Fountain Pen Nib

Which nib size is "write" for you? Watch this short tutorial video to explore all the nib sizes and what would work best for your handwriting style.

The "right" nib size is a decision of both form and function. As an artist may select an array of brushes that suit a certain painting style, the writer has the same ability in the choice of their pen nib.

Finding the perfect nib doesn't rely solely on empirical measurement but still can be gauged by a set of criteria based on your handwriting preferences.

When looking at the nib size options below, first ask yourself the following questions:

How large is my handwriting? Is it big and bold or small and neat?
How quickly do I write? More methodical and deliberate or loose and fast?
Do I prefer butter smooth or writing with feedback?
Is dry time a concern?
Do I savor seeing the ink shading/sheen/shimmer on the page?