How to Improve your Handwriting with Fountain Pens

Writing with a fountain pen is a completely different experience compared with ordinary ballpoint or rollerball pen modes. Instead of an omnidirectional ball tip, the fountain pen has a nib. In the video below, we show how to get the best results using your fountain pen.

One of the reasons why many writers now prefer using fountain pens is that they force you to slow down and enjoy the writing process.

Here is a summary of the tips we offer for improving your handwriting with a fountain pen:

1. Technique - Grip the writing instrument lightly with your thumb and middle finger acting as support. The index (or forefinger) is doing most of the work in writing. Keep your wrist, arm, and elbow loose, moving along from word-to-word as you go across the page
2. Tools - Fountain pens provide a fluid line and can add character to your handwriting with the various nib options available. Take additional enjoyment in the process by using a beautiful fountain pen ink.
3. Training - Practice is essential to long-term handwriting improvement and mastery of the fountain pen. If you take these tips to heart, you'll find that writing is a fun exercise you'll want to do every day to help alleviate stress focus your mind.