Which Pen Would I Pick?

We've all been there before, pen pals. Stuck with a seemingly impossible decision to make. At stake is your enjoyment of writing and your bank account. Picking the perfect pen isn't easy. As you'll see in the videos below, even a seasoned pen enthusiast has difficulty wrangling with picking one pen over another.

The concept behind the "Which Pen Would I Pick?" videos is simple - members of the Goldspot Pens team assemble a list of 3 pairs of pens. Tom has no idea as to the identity of these pens prior to recording the video. Tom evaluates each matchup, talks about the various characteristics of each pen, and decides which pen would he pick and why.

This post has all the episodes as well as the pens mentioned in each video. You can also play at home by commenting on each of the YouTube videos with the pens you would pick.

Lamy Safari vs. Lamy AL-Star

This is a classic matchup that many pen enthusiasts have strong feelings about. On one hand, the ABS plastic Safari has a robust, colorful design. For a more elegant finish, the AL-Star has an anodized aluminum finish and translucent grip section. The wide variety of limited edition colors and economical value tip the scales in favor of the Safari.
Tom's pick - Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Platinum Plaisir vs. Kaweco Perkeo

These two pens are unconventional choices for starter fountain pens, yet valid ones, indeed. The Plaisir's Japanese nib writes fine and the point stays fresh thanks to the patented Slip & Seal cap mechanism. The faceted Kaweco Perkeo has a molded grip section, is lightweight, and can use an international standard cartridge or converter (not included). The 10th Anniversary Plaisir's metallic ombre finish won the day here as it has a much more exciting and upgraded visual appeal.
Tom's pick - Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen

Benu Grand Scepter vs. Narwhal Key West

Whose glitter game is stronger? Benu comes in as one of the most ostentatious, exclusive resins that dazzle the eye. On the other hand, the Narwhal Key West is quite eye-catching in its own right. The Narwhal's classic, cigar-shaped style and postable cap gave this pen a gold star above the Scepter.
Tom's pick - Narwhal Key West Fountain Pen

TWSBI Eco vs. Narwhal Schuylkill Fountain Pens

Get your fill of these economical, piston-fill fountain pens in this razor-thin matchup. The Narwhal Schuylkill has a colorful personality with a swirling acrylic barrel. But, the TWSBI Eco has an executive pen with a completely transparent barrel and rose gold trim. The Eco's posted length also feels a bit more comfortable in hand.
Tom's pick - TWSBI Eco Smoke Rose Gold Fountain Pen

Platinum 3776 Century vs. Pilot Custom 74

Round two is a battle of the Japanese demonstrator fountain pens with gold nibs. In terms of workhorse pens that are next-level, you can't go wrong with either design. What sets these pens apart are the limited editions. The 3776 Century has an expanding list of amazing designs that continue to delight pen enthusiasts each year. The Custom 74 started to introduce new colors this year.
Tom's pick - Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen

Pilot Vanishing Point vs. Lamy Dialog 3

In terms of retractable nib fountain pens, the Pilot Vanishing Point has long been the dominant design, perfected over decades of production. The German-engineered Dialog 3 is a relative newcomer with an excellent gold nib and a much better converter than the VP's lackluster CON-40. However, the one-handed click operation and the lower price point keeps the VP at the top of the list.
Tom's pick - Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen

Lamy Pico vs. Kaweco Liliput

Both of these pocket-worthy, German writing instruments are petite and pack a great deal of writing ability in a compact size. In terms of convenience, the Lamy Pico's push-action mechanism deploys instantly. The Liliput is one of the smallest fountain pens we've ever seen. But, it isn't as quick-draw as the Pico. Plus, it only uses cartridges.
Tom's pick - Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen

Sailor King of Pen vs. Pelikan Souveran 805

Going to the other end of the spectrum, this matchup pits two oversized, grail-worthy fountain pens against each other. Although the Sailor King of Pen sports a grandiose, 21kt gold nib that has an exquisite line, the Souveran 805 wins out with its smoothness, classic style, and piston-filling mechanism.
Tom's pick - Pelikan Souveran 805 Fountain Pen

Cross Townsend Chewbacca vs. Boba Fett

In a pen store far, far away, Tom debates the finer qualities of the Cross Townsend limited edition Star Wars fountain pens. As a Star Wars fan, it's hard to pick between two beloved characters. Since Tom can imitate a Wookie growl, Chewie gets the nod.
Tom's pick - Cross Townsend Chewbacca Fountain Pen

What matchup would you like to see in a future episode? Please leave a comment below and your suggestion might be used in a future episode.

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