The Best Executive Pens For Professionals (2023)

As a working professional, you understand the importance of keeping up appearances. Whether you’re about to sign your biggest business deal yet or just jotting down some project notes, the pen you use says a lot about you. The best professional pens have the same traits as those who successfully climb the corporate ladder: high-performance, reliable, and capable of doing the job well. The top executives are the ones who make a statement, and your chosen writing instrument should follow suit (and tie).

For CEOs, lawyers and every high-level professional in between, the best pens for business are well-constructed with high-quality materials and have a sleek design. In this post, we’ll explore the best executive pens on the market and why they’re worth the investment.

The Best Executive Pens

A high quality pen for signing documents should be impressive to others and command respect. It should convey a sense of status and complement the corporate culture without appearing attention-seeking. For instance, if the company values frugality and thrift, then you should use a modest pen that reflects those ideals. On the flip side, if your company celebrates creativity and extravagance, then a luxury pen would be a a perfect match.

Regardless of company culture, the best executive ink pens should have a premium look and feel. They should write smoothly and consistently with a reliable ink flow. Most importantly, they should feel comfortable in your hand. Whether you're writing a quick signature or have a mountain of documents to sign, you should be able to write for any length of time without discomfort.

So without further ado, let's take a closer look at the best executive pens we recommend adding to your office set-up.

1) The Best Overall Executive Pen

Parker Sonnet


+ The refined shape with modern, minimalist design is adaptable across many different occasions and environments.

+ Iconic Parker "Arrow" clip recognized around the world.


- Steel nib fountain pens do not include converters

- Designs are only refreshed once a year

Available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen styles, Parker pens are manufactured without compromise in a tradition of excellence since 1888. They are recognized for their dependability, precision writing, and prestigious style: perfect for the high-powered executive. Their selections range from professional and conservative to more contemporary designs.

The Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen is a great choice for when you want to make a statement in the workplace. As one of Parker's most beloved models, the Sonnet collection features luxury designs and 18K precious metals, delicately engraved patterns, and rich lacers. These are classic pens that have designs to suit everyone, making great gifts for your colleagues and business partners.

2) The Best Executive Pen For Signatures

Waldmann Commander


+ Made of solid .925 sterling silver

+ Large, heavyweight profile

+ 10 year warranty


- Not suitable for people who like thin, lightweight pens

This is a great pen when you're looking to turn heads in the workplace. It takes a steady hand to wield the impressive size and weight of the Waldmann Commander. The strong construction is balanced with beautifully honed fine details. The mirror-like finish of the barrel is milled with pinstripe lines reflected in the lacquer of the cap. As a busy professional, there are endless documents to review and sign every day. Attach this pen securely to your clothing or pen loops with the spring-loaded tie bar clip to make signatures a breeze.

A luxury pen in every sense of the phrase, the Waldmann Commander has such a sophisticated appeal in hand that you'll feel compelled to write executive orders, proclamations and declarations with a flourish. A solid choice for any executive, this fountain pen "commands" respect.

3) The Best Professional Pen For Work

Caran d'Ache 849


+ Starting at $18.00

+ Lightweight, yet robust aluminum body

+ Long-lasting Goliath ballpoint cartridge

+ Also available as a capless rollerball and traditional fountain pen


- If giving as a gift, the presentation is minimal.

Famous for their wide range of show-stopping writing instruments, then Caran d'Ache 849 is a great pen for working professionals. They fit particularly well within creative fields like marketing or design. Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen designs are highly respected for their beauty and functionality alike. Its namesake comes from the Russian word for pencil, "karandarsh". For over one hundred years, this brand has become internationally renowned for its well-made, sophisticated products.

Caran d'Ache holds the value of "Swiss-Made Excellence" close to heart. When you add one of these ballpoint pens to your collection, you know it's built to last. With such a vast selection of styles and colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that matches your workplace personality.

4) The Best Modern Executive Pen

The LAMY 2000


+ Streamlined design has a sleek, well-balanced profile

+ Bauhaus aesthetic - "form follows function"

+ Great value for gold nib, piston-fill fountain pen


- Styles are limited to two: black makrolon or stainless steel silver.

Respected among high-class business men and women, the Lamy 2000 is revered for its impeccable design. In fact, its been featured at the Museum of Modern Art and received countless design awards. This impressive rollerball pen is constructed of fiberglass and Makrolon and takes black or blue gel ink refills.

First introduced in 1966, the timeless design of the Lamy 2000 exudes power and professionalism. Highly revered, it features a piston-filling mechanism to refill from bottled ink. Its sleek stainless steel clip allows for easy access on pockets or journals. Consider the Lamy 2000 the equivalent of a black tie affair in a pen.

5) The Stylish Professional Pen

Pilot Vanishing Point


+ Quick, convenient click-action retractable nib fountain pen

+ Exceptional value for an 18kt gold nib

+ Many designs and finishes to choose from


- Position of the clip interrupts the grip area

- Included CON-40 converter is difficult to fully fill

With a sleek and brilliant design, the Pilot Vanishing Point is suitable for all your office writing needs. Professionals of all backgrounds love the convenience of the one-handed click-action mechanism of this executive pen. Its streamlined shape and durable metal body are unmistakably unique, available in a variety of colors with gold, rhodium silver, or black accents. This is the executive pen for you if you value a brand rich in history and performance.

At such an affordable price for a luxury pen, the writing experience of the 18kt gold nib is superb. With its cigar-shaped body tapering at both ends, the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen serves a classy, understated look and feel. Since the gold nib remains in the barrel when not in use, this smooth writing luxury pen is highly portable and a great choice when flying business class.

6) The Best Affordable Executive Pen

Pilot Metropolitan


+ Low cost with executive style

+ Classic and contemporary colors available


- Only accepts Pilot proprietary refills

What a fun pen piping with personality! Clean and classic with a wide array of colors, the Pilot Metropolitan is a great pen no matter your line of work. Choose from fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen modes. This one of a kind modern fountain pen is suited for all your writing needs, from quick signatures to longer document signing sessions.

The Pilot Metropolitan comes from a one hundred year old heritage of crafting some of the world's finest fountain pens. As one of the most affordable executive pens, you can't go wrong with its lightweight durability. With their fluid lines and elegant finishes, Pilot fountain pens are a modern classic. They come in medium, fine and extra fine nib sizes and feature a refillable bladder system for continued use.

7) The Eye-Catching Executive Pen

Sailor Professional Gear



+ Multiple sizes available to fit your hand perfectly.

+ Many color styles to choose from

+ Excellent Sailor gold nib available in many tip sizes.


- Sailor nibs tend to run on the finer size with more feedback than Western nibs

When you purchase a Sailor Pen, you're also purchasing a tradition of over one hundred years of quality, technical excellence and perfection. Made in Japan, these professional pens are well known for their carefully engineered nibs and stunning designs. Fountain pen enthusiasts love Sailor Pen nibs because, unlike most other pens manufactured in the West, the ink flow is uninterrupted and seamless.

The Sailor Pen Company offers pens, inks and nibs in a variety of eye-catching models. Choose from ballpoint or fountain pen designs to elevate your office set up in style. If you're looking for a sleek yet fancy writing pen with smooth ink flow that dries quickly, this is the one for you.

What To Look For In Professional Pens

When it comes to finding the best executive pen for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. A business environment is not the place to employ a pen that is cheap or unreliable. Your new favorite pen should not only be elegant, quick drying and allow for uninterrupted ink flow, it should also ensure a smooth writing experience overall.

Let's explore in more detail what you should look for in the best pen for your workplace.


First and foremost, you should consider the type of pen you're looking to purchase. Every pen that Goldspot sells-fountain pen, ballpoint, rollerball, fine liner, gel pens, and their associated refill mechanisms, caps and elements are unique to them. This also makes for a unique writing experience.

If you want heavier ink flow with less skipping, consider a rollerball pen. If you like lighter, more precise writing, you may choose a ballpoint pen. In truth, ballpoint pens tend to be the most popular amongst business executives because the ink is quick drying and doesn't bleed through important documents. That being said, there is nothing like the free flowing feeling of fountain pen ink on paper. If you place status over convenience and don't mind buying ink refills as needed, then a fountain pen for business may be best for you.


Now let's discuss how well your ideal pen should write. A professional pen should feel good in your hand and be reliable when you put it to paper. It should have smooth ink flow, no bumpiness, and no breaks in the line. The performance of your pen will depend somewhat on the quality of your paper. For best results, ditch the cheap paper and stick with moderate to premium sheets for your executive pens.

Smudging is a concern for left handed people, so if this is you, consider a rollerball pen. Fineliner or porous point pens are also popular for lefties, but they can dry out quickly if left uncapped.


The most important thing for a professional pen, after type and performance, is style! The right executive pen should not only be an extension of your personality, but also of your brand or business. If you're an artist, designer or marketer, a colorful Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen might be the one for you. For high-level executives, CEOs and more conservative office workplaces, a classic Lamy 2000 fountain pen might be more your style.

At Goldspot, we're thrilled to be able to personalize custom executive pens. Most of the professional pens we explored in this blog can be engraved with a name, initials, images and more. There's something quite official about a pen with engraved initials on a hardwood desk. A customized luxury pen that can be used for years also makes an incredibly thoughtful gift for a boss or colleague.

We hope this post helps narrow your search for your best executive pen. Type, ease of use and appearance are all important factors to consider. If you have any questions, we have answers. Feel free to call, e-mail, or chat with us on social media and we'll be glad to help.

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