Purple Lovers Club Pen Set

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The beauty of writing in the modern-day, pen & paper renaissance is that you have a near limitless palette of colors to choose from in both the pens and their inks. No longer are you stuck with a standard black or blue. Yes, while many do prefer more conservative color choices for the corporate environment, many have embraced their inner child to express a color that resonates deeply within their soul.Be bold. Be unique. Be exceptional. Purple, with it's association to royalty, mystery and piety, is a dynamic color with many variations. This set of pens is like being able to write with the beauty of a dozen purple roses. Whether you're journaling, scheduling appointments or making lists, having your favorite color flow from the tip of your pen will undoubtedly make your tasks more enjoyable.That's why we've outfitted three purple pens to write in purple ink. We include a 2-pack of Pilot G2 purple gel ink refills to use with the Waterman Kultur translucent purple rollerball pen. A pack of Pilot / Namiki purple fountain pen ink cartridges accompany the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Purple fountain pen. To share your passion for purple with others, we suggest letting others try the included purple Pilot Varsity fountain pen so they can get a taste of what freedom from boring blacks and blues can feel like.The Passion for Purple Pen and Ink Set Includes :

  • (1) Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Purple Fountain Pen in Fine Point. Includes Squeeze converter and (1) black ink cartridge.
  • (1) Package of (6) Pilot / Namiki Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges in Purple
  • (1) Waterman Kultur / Phileas Transparent Purple Rollerball Pen
  • (2) Pilot G2 Purple, Fine Point (0.7mm tip) Gel Ink Rollerball Refills that fit the Kultur Pen
  • (1) Pilot Varsity Purple Fountain Pen