Namiki Chinkin

including the Chinkin and the illustrious , display excellence in writing. Explore our collection, which showcases the elegant Chinkin and the majestic Emperor pens from Namiki.

The Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pens at Goldspot Pens are the definition of majestic. Each fountain pen in our collection is a masterpiece reflecting the intricate Chinkin technique, a revered form of Japanese Maki-e art. These pens are not merely tools but symbols of heritage, combining the beauty of gold powder and carving to create motifs that tell the stories of old.

Explore the Elegance of Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pens

Namiki Chinkin pens are the pinnacle of elegance in fountain pens. Each pen is a precious expression of art, featuring motifs delicately carved and laid with gold powder. The Namiki Chinkin collection showcases a range of themes, from the serene bamboo and spear to the mythical dragon, each motif symbolizing different aspects of nature and philosophy.

Why Choose a Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen?

Choosing a Namiki Chinkin fountain pen is choosing a legacy. This incredible fountain pen features a gold nib, ensuring a superior writing experience in a piece of art that holds value over time. The Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen is more than a writing instrument; it's a collector's item, a symbol of status, and a conduit of culture.

The Featured Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen Collection

Pen Model



Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen in Dragon

18K Gold


Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen in Kinshu

18K Gold


Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen in Bamboo and Sparrow

18K Gold


Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen in Silver Grass

18K Gold


Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen in Cherry Blossoms

18K Gold


Discover Our Namiki Chinkin Collection

Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen in Dragon - 18K Gold

This fountain pen features a stunning dragon motif, symbolizing power and wisdom. In Japanese mythology, the dragon is a noble creature who protects those around them.

Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen in Bamboo and Sparrow - 18K Gold

The pen features a gentle-natured sparrow motif surrounded by elegant bamboo. The symbolism of bamboo is strong and positive, with pairs doubling the luck factor.

Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen in Silver Grass - 18K Gold

This pen showcases the delicate beauty of nature with a motif that brings tranquility to your writing experience. You can almost reach out and touch the three-dimensional grasses.

The Craftsmanship Behind Namiki Chinkin Pens

The Chinkin Technique: Carving Beauty into Fountain Pens

Chinkin is a carving technique that allows no room for mistakes. It is a testament to the impeccable skill and craftsmanship of Japanese artisans. This time-honored technique creates complex patterns of carved dots and lines illuminated with gold powder.

The Significance of 18K Gold in Namiki Chinkin Pens

Using 18K gold in these pens is not just for aesthetics; it ensures durability and a premium writing experience. The unique Chinkin technique used in combination with precious gold makes each one of these pens an original masterpiece.

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Buy Your Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen at Goldspot Pens

At Goldspot Pens, an authorized Namiki dealer, we offer pens that are pieces of history. Our Namiki Chinkin collection is a treasure trove for pen enthusiasts and collectors alike. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction backs each purchase. Embrace the art of writing with a Namiki Chinkin fountain pen from Goldspot Pens, where impeccable craftsmanship and tradition meet with a golden flourish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pens unique compared to other luxury pens?

Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pens put Japanese Maki-e Artwork on the map. This special technique involves intricate hand-painted designs using Urushi lacquer and gold powder motifs. Each pen is a unique piece of art. They also feature 18K Gold Nibs, ensuring superior writing and elegance.

Are Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pens suitable for pen collectors?

Absolutely, Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pens are prized among pen collectors. Due to their limited availability, they are coveted items with unique designs and prestige. Often available in Limited Edition ranges, they are highly valued for their intricacy and elegance.

What types of nibs are available with Namiki Chinkin Pens?

Namiki Chinkin Pens come with 18K Gold Nibs that consistently deliver quality writing. Various nib sizes are available to suit different styles and preferences.

What kind of ink should I use with my Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen?

For Namiki Chinkin Pens, use high-quality Fountain Pen Ink. While compatible with other inks, we recommend using premium ink to enhance writing quality and pen longevity. Choose ink that flows smoothly and complements the pen’s 18K Gold Nib.

How do I care for and maintain my Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen?

Care for your Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen by regular cleaning and proper storage. Clean the 18K Gold Nib routinely with a soft cloth and rinse with water to prevent ink clogging. Keep it in a temperature-controlled space and use a pen case to protect the precious Maki-e Artwork.