Platinum Classic Maki-e Fountain Pen with Moon and Rabbit Design - 18K Gold Fine Point

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Modern Maki-E Moon and Rabbit Fountain Pen is available with 18kt Gold Nib and uses real gold powder to finish the pen body. Platinum's modern Maki-e Classic Collection uses real gold powder when making the maki-e products. Maki-e is a Japanese lacquer art that utilizes Urushi lacquer to decorate and finish the pen body. Each pen has hand painted accents of Moon and Rabbit that is slightly raised on the surface and enhances the depth and texture. Pens feature traditional Japanese motifs. Kanazawa Leaf Craftwork is used to decorate and finish the pen body.

  • Nib: 18kt Gold
  • Clip and Finish: Gold Plated
  • Accepts cartridge or converter