Waterman Brand Overview

Rich of over 130 years of history, WATERMAN Paris relies on many successful innovations.

Waterman of Paris.

Skilfully made in France, every Waterman pen creatively echoes the genius of our founder Lewis Edson Waterman, inventor of the first reliable fountain pen in 1883.

Styled to surprise your senses.

No two Waterman pen designs are alike. As unique as you, each has its own personality and traits, with the power to delight, astonish, enchant and impress.

Designed to accessorize your imagination.

Through a clever curve, a reassuring line, or a head-turning encounter of noble materials, the Waterman spirit of innovation gives wings to your most fanciful thoughts.

Crafted to tickle your creativity.

Sensitive craftsmanship does more than put an object of sheer beauty and quality in your hand. It can produce a sensual thrill of inspiration each time you see, touch and use it.

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