Visconti Brand Overview

Till 1988 Visconti, the firm that brought writing back to Florence, Italy after a period of oblivion lasting over thirty years, has turned Florentine craftsmanship into a icon of its output accompanying its fundamental values of passion, art and technology.

For over twenty five years the name ‘Visconti’ has been synonymous of extraordinarily elegant writing instruments coming from very intense historical and technological researches, fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens. Visconti offers a broad assortment of high quality items all showing strong characters and features.

To celebrate this important anniversary, Visconti has picked up the beacon of our city's heritage. Launching into a new adventure with exactly the same pioneering determination and enthusiasm as it did twenty-five years ago, it has decided to bring watchmaking back to Florence to stand proudly alongside the art of penmanship with the new Visconti watch.

Its winning business model is the very same one that it has applied to writing, based on the rediscovery of skills and expertise and the organization of people by motivating them with long-term goals under the artistic and technical guidance of Dante Del Vecchio, and with the benefit of Visconti's boundless creativity.

Visconti fountain pens such as the Visconti Devina, the Visconti Eco Roller, and the Visconti Homo Sapiens.  These beautiful fountain pens and other pens such as the famous Visconti Rembrandt have made Visconti Pens into one of the most luxurious and proud Italian pen brands in the world today.

This is for the Visconti brand.