Clairefontaine Quality

The Clairefontaine Signature…
For more than 150 years one of their strengths is the quality of their products. This quality is closely linked with Clairefontaine brand. Offering always the best quality of the market in all the segments being essential.

A list of measures was set up:
First of all, the strict selection of their raw materials:
- resistant white paper paste issue from sustainable forests, white carbonate and ultra-pure calcium quality additives
- controls at reception and in quality assurance partnerships with our suppliers.
- means of production (paper machines, shaping) constantly improved to match the quality, the productivity and to decrease natural waste.
- an on-line measures capacities and the regulation systems which allow to limit the variations inherent to any production.
- paper tests on every produced reel which are then analyzed by our quality control laboratory : visually of course (paper aspect, default or eventual imperfections) but also thanks to performance laboratory teams to measure the characteristics in particular:
- mechanical (resistance, tear, scraps).
- Optical (whiteness or tint, opacity),
- Of texture (grammage, thickness, rigidity, smoothed or roughness),
- Quality of writing and printability (sticking, permeability, stability while printing on printer or copier), etc.

By training and commitment of all for the quality that to be able to satisfy all our customers.

Clairefontaine achieved in 1997 ISO 9001 certificate. Delivered by an independent body, it certifies a quality management system. More over the quality imposed by Clairefontaine became the reference on the European market.