Parker IM vs Urban - The Ultimate Comparison

Parker Urban and IM Premium Metallic Brown Fountain Pen Feature

Professionalism in art has this difficulty: To be professional is to be dependable, to be dependable is to be predictable, and predictability is esthetically boring - an anti-virtue in a field where we hope to be astonished and startled and at some deep level refreshed.

~ John Updike

When a fine writing instrument can be considered a functional work of art, it may seem boring for some to see pens that are only offered in a black with silver or black with gold style. The classic, sophisticated look is predictable and has been done many times over throughout the history of pen manufacturing. When comparing the parker im vs urban, one can appreciate the subtle differences and unique qualities each model brings to the table, breaking away from the traditional mold and showcasing why they are among the top Parker pens.

Throughout its long history, the Parker Pen Company is recognized for setting the standard in professional writing instruments. The Parker Duofold is considered to be one of the timeless classics that is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Realizing that pen craftsmanship is an art form, Parker has introduced models that push the envelope with the intention to astonish writers, creatives and professionals with a writing tool that is worthy of their aesthetic desires.

Parker Urban and IM in the hand

The Parker IM & Urban pen designs are aimed to be in the hands of those who want to be astonished. The Premium Metallic finishes pictured above are crafted from a metal base, engraved with a contemporary, abstract pattern on the barrel and cap, then finished with a metallic lacquer coating in warm brown.

Parker im ballpoint pen has a cylindrical profile, chrome trims and a brushed metal grip section. The snap cap fits securely on the back-end of the pen while writing. The stainless steel nib flows smoothly across the paper with the included blue ink cartridge (under the box platform). Optionally, you can purchase the converter to fill using your favorite bottled ink.

Parken urban ballpoint pen has a curvy figure that feels comfortable and balanced in-hand. The black metal trims and resin grip section give this pen a modern, hi-tech look. The snap cap does not post on the back-end of the pen. The stainless steel nib glides just as nicely using the included Parker ink cartridge. A converter (not included) can also be obtained for filling with bottled ink.

Parker Urban and IM Nibs

Both of these everyday writing pens are now being featured as our Weekly Dip sale of the week for July 27th - August 3rd, 2017. As we continue to make room for new finishes and designs from all the best brands (including the 2016 updated versions of the IM & Urban), we are clearing out these discontinued styles at incredible prices so you can get away with a steal of a fountain pen.

Writing Experience

Nib and Ink Flow - Parker IM

The Parker IM fountain pen offers a seamless writing experience, characterized by its stainless steel nib that ensures a consistent ink flow. This pen comes equipped with a blue ink cartridge, providing a smooth glide across various paper types. The nib's design facilitates a reliable connection between pen and paper, minimizing skips and providing an even distribution of ink. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals seeking precision and fluidity in their writing tasks. The option to use a converter for bottled ink further enhances the versatility of the Parker IM, allowing users to customize their ink choice for different writing needs.

Nib and Ink Flow - Parker Urban

The Parker Urban fountain pen stands out with its ergonomic design and exceptional ink flow. Its stainless steel nib, paired with the included Parker ink cartridge, offers a smooth and uninterrupted writing experience. The Urban's nib is engineered to adapt to various writing pressures and angles, ensuring a consistent line width and depth. This adaptability makes the Urban a reliable choice for extended writing sessions, where comfort and consistency are paramount. The absence of a converter in the standard package does not diminish its performance, as the Urban excels with the provided cartridge, delivering a satisfying writing experience across all uses.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Both the Parker IM and Urban fountain pens are designed with ergonomics in mind, but they cater to different preferences. The Parker IM features a cylindrical profile with chrome trims and a brushed metal grip section, offering a secure and comfortable hold for prolonged writing. Its balanced weight distribution ensures minimal hand fatigue, making it suitable for extensive writing tasks.

On the other hand, the Parker Urban's curvy figure and balanced in-hand feel cater to those seeking a modern and comfortable writing instrument. The black metal trims and resin grip section provide a tactile experience that reduces slippage, enhancing control and comfort during use. The Urban's design is a testament to Parker's commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with ergonomic functionality, ensuring a pleasurable writing experience for users.

Durability and Build Quality

Materials and Construction - Parker IM

The Parker IM fountain pen is constructed from a durable metal base, ensuring longevity and resilience. Its cylindrical profile, complemented by chrome trims and a brushed metal grip, not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its structural integrity. The snap cap fits securely, protecting the nib and preventing ink from drying out. The stainless steel nib, known for its resistance to corrosion and wear, further underscores the IM's build quality. This pen is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, making it a reliable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Materials and Construction - Parker Urban

The Parker Urban fountain pen showcases a robust build quality, featuring a combination of metal and resin components. Its unique curvy design is not just visually appealing but also structurally sound, offering a comfortable and balanced grip. The black metal trims and resin grip section are meticulously crafted to endure daily wear and tear, maintaining the pen's aesthetic and functional qualities over time. The Urban's snap cap mechanism, designed for ease of use, ensures the pen is always ready for action, while the stainless steel nib withstands the test of time, preserving the pen's writing excellence.

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